HM Magazine Sampler July/August 2000
There are no cover songs or tribute songs on this disc, but the cover does have a picture of Michael (from the Strip Cycle era) and the words: "Unsung Heroes of Christian Hard Music: Mike Knott (not without past mistakes or flaws, but exhibiting courage and daring.... and not give much credit)."

album cover

Various Artists
HM Magazine Sampler (2000 Independent)
Cover image of Michael Knott

01) You Should Know Pillar
02) Fragmented Visionaire
03) Rain Down Gideon's Press
04) Hymn These Five Down
05) A Different Way Galactic Cowboys
06) Torn Inside Acceptance
07) 8mm Massacre [demo version] The Miracle Youth
08) Generic Gnashing of Teeth
09) Rendevous SL9
10) I Ascend Fresh Bread
11) Why One Cross
12) Break Free January Sun
13) Lethargya Diesel
14) Take It All Away Step Cousin
15) Love Is... Soapbox

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