Johnny Reliable - Enough is Enough
Johnny Reliable is an independent band from the Tulsa, Oklahoma area that has had a few albums produced by Michael Roe of The 77s fame. Their sound is somewhere in the realm of alternative / punk / power pop.

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Johnny Reliable
Enough is Enough (2004 Independent)

Brian Jensen - vocals
Jerrad Dillard - guitar
Marianna - bass, bgv's
Mark Joseph - drums

01) Picture Perfect 2:25 Johnny Reliable
02) Come and Gone 3:47 Johnny Reliable
03) Tunnel of Light 3:01 Johnny Reliable
04) Love Me Today 3:03 Johnny Reliable
05) When She's Gone 2:41 Michael Knott
06) Why 4:15 Johnny Reliable
07) Blissful Life 1:59 Johnny Reliable
08) Strangest Thing 3:17 Johnny Reliable
09) Far Side 3:13 Johnny Reliable
10) My Song 4:22 Johnny Reliable

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