The Inkwell Collective - Falling Signs
I first heard about the Inkwell Collective from a comment on Michael's MySpace page that "Hello, Hospital" was written for him. Steev Baker confirmed that song for Mike Knott, with him in mind. The Inkwell Collective has disbanded, but information about them can be found on their official website (where you can also download "Hello, Hospital") or MySpace page.

album cover

The Inkwell Collective
Falling Signs (2005 Independent)

Steev Baker - Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, vocals
Jessica Baker - Piano, vocals
Scott Daniels - Bass
Emily Selk-Loper - Cello, handbells
Namiah Tribolini - The drums

01) They Found a Hand, They Found an Unburned Bible  
02) Magnets and Mediums  
03) My Use of Metaphor  
04) Passenger Pigeon  
05) Medicate! Medicate! Medicate!  
06) The Golden Years  
07) Hello Hospital Written for Michael Knott
08) Hope W/Out Drugs  
09) She Watches Birds  
10) At Christmastime I Need You Most  

Comments about The Inkwell Collective - Falling Signs
if you'd like a direct link to the mp3 for this tune, please let me know. yes, i did write the song for mike/with mike in mind.

Comment posted by steev baker on Thursday, January 24, 2008 at 12:56 PM
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