Deni Gauthier - i (am) hope
Deni Gauthier had this to say about the track highlighted below on this album. "I’m a long time Knott fan, full time Canadian musician… I popped his lyrics from “This Is The Healing” in the bridge of a song on my latest album release, with Knott’s blessing. It fit perfectly. Thought you might like to hear it!"

Also note that there is a deluxe edition version of this album with bonus tracks.

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Deni Gauthier
i (am) hope (2012 Independent)

Deni Gauthier - Vocals, guitars, bass, percussion
Steve Koning - Keys, whulitzer, B3 and awesome
Nathan Smith - Drums
David Faris - Electric and lead guitars
Josh Brix - Electric and lead guitars on "I know You Know" & "You're Beautiful"

01) Do It For Love 03:39 Gauthier
02) i (am) hope 03:54 Gauthier
03) I Know You Know 03:37 Gauthier
04) I Need You 03:40 Gauthier
05) Not Too Far From Here 04:02 Gauthier
06) Should Have Tried 04:11 Gauthier
07) You And I 03:20 Gauthier
08) God's Green Earth 02:56 Gauthier
09) You're beautiful 03:39 Gauthier
10) This Too Shall Pass 03:33 Gauthier

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