Leper - An Audience of No One
Indsutrial / Goth band Leper released this album as a free download on their blog. "This record is 13 trax by various artists that have inspired the existence of Leper."

An Audience of No One (2012 Independent)

Skot Shaw - Vocals, all instruments

01) Wakin' up the Dead 4:47 L.S.U. Originally on Wakin' up the Dead
02) You Still Smile 7:37 Deliverance
03) The Road to Zion 6:59 Petra
04) Friend or Foul 8:22 Rez Band
05) Do You Think of Me 4:48 D.A.S.
06) Bride in Black 7:44 Rackets and Drapes
07) Seven 8:01 Bloodgood
08) Red Society 4:46 Deitiphobia
09) Sentimental Song 5:12 The Choir
10) Crush Kill Destroy 6:39 Leper
11) Mr. Brain 2:47 SFC
12) Pilgrim 6:41 Jerusalem

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