Shine A Light: A Tribute To Michael Knott Volume 2
The second of a two volume set paying tribute to Michael Knott. This volume focuses more on the bigger name artists recording at professional studios.

Various Artists
Shine A Light: A Tribute To Michael Knott Volume 2 (2015 Independent)

All songs written by Michael Knott
Arrangements by the artist involved.
Produced by Joshua Lory
Recorded by many at many locations
Compiled by Joshua Lory and Steve Ruff
Mastered by Deni Gauthier
Artwork by Deni Gauthier

01) Glower English Interpeter Of English 4:03
02) Black and White World Tattoo 3:49
03) The Electrics All Fall Down 4:51
04) The Bloody Strummers Blame 3:45
05) The B-Attitudes Never Forsaken 3:11
06) Barefoot Journeymen Christ Saves 3:01
07) David the Good Rock And Roll 4:12
08) Destroy Nate Allen Kitty 2:12
09) Jesse Sprinkle John Barrymore Jr. 2:52
10) Deni Gauthier Chameleon 3:55
11) While Rome Is Burning Shoegazer (instrumental) 4:29
12) Leper Miracle 6:19
13) Dead Artist Syndrome Drone 5:53
14) Angus McKinney This Is The Healing 4:43
15) Marcus Larson Jordan River 3:58
16) Sean Doty, Ric Alba, and Gym Nicholson Shaded Pain 4:07
17) Jeff Elbel + Ping English Interpreter Of English/the Grape Prophet Speaks 3:01

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