Strung Gurus
Strung Gurus was started by Mike and the legendary Dennis Danell of Social Distortion. Unfortunately, Dennis passed away in 2000 while their debut album was being recorded. Since the album was almost finished, Mike has stated that he would like to finish the album at some time. A few songs were released onlne and on Mike's Things I've Done, Things to Come album.

album cover

  Strung Gurus
Strung Gurus (unreleased)

Michael Knott - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Dennis Danell - Guitars
Andy Prickett - Guitar
Sean Paul - Bass
Ed Benrock - Drums

Known songs titles so far:

Sun Eyed Girl
Chelsea's Chasin' Dragons
My Ex-Fiancee in D.C. (aka "Rental Skin")
Miss Liberty
Diva Overdrive
Numb (played live, but unknown if it was ever recorded)
Suicide By Cop (played live, but unknown if it was ever recorded)

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