L.S.U. - Acoustic Fan Favorites
In 1999, a collection album of acoustic versions of L.S.U. material was announced. Fans were encouraged to vote on their favorite songs. Results of the voting were released (see song list below). Members of Havalina Rail Co. were enlisted to fill out the arrangements. The recording was apparently finished or close to being finished, but this album never materialized beyond that.

album cover

Acoustic Fan Favorites (upcoming release)

Michael Knott - vocals, acoustic guitars
Members of Havalina Rail Co. - other instruments

Possible songs titles:

01) This is the Healing
02) Radio Satan
03) Bye Bye Colour
04) Kill Will
05) Shaded Pain
06) GGG
07) Freedom
08) The Bomb
09) There's a Time
10) English Interpreter...
11) Pound of Flesh
12) Double
13) Hated Souls
14) Ocean Blue
15) Rocket and a Bomb
16) The Shell
17) Crash

The list above is in the order of the highest votes to the fewest. A few of these songs may have been dropped, as only 14 songs were expected to be on the album.

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