Tooth & Nail Television Volume 5
Tooth & Nail video collection that contains the video for Michael Knott's "Tattoo." So far, this is the most professionally produced video for Knott. This video was released on DVD as part of the Tooth & Nail Videography 1993-1999 DVD in 2000.

album cover

Tooth & Nail
Tooth & Nail Television Volume 5 (Tooth & Nail 1998)

01) The O.C. Supertones Chase the Sun
02) Ghoti Hook Walking on Sunshine
03) Project 86 Pipedream
04) Flight 180 Tick Tock
05) Dogwood Feel the Burn
06) MxPx Money Tree
07) Fanmail Rock and Roll Star
08) Mike Knott Tattoo
09) Plankeye Goodbye
10) Joy Electric Children of the Lord

Tattoo video

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