Daniel Amos - Instruction Through Film
This DVD contains two hours of "never-before-seen home movies, concert performances, rehearsals, photo sessions, and more" covering the entire career of Daniel Amos. An HM magazine review of this DVD says that it contains "A Brainstorm Records promo piece that also features the lighter side of Michael Knott (who knew he even had one?) and Joe Taylor." Obviously, the reviewer doesn't listen to Knott very much.

album cover

Daniel Amos
Instruction Through Film (Stunt Records 2007)

Michael Knott - cameo apperance

01) Stunt Intro  
02) Credits / Son Worshippers Terry and Good Shephard at Berkley 1971
03) Marantha Saturday Night Concert Black Gold Fever
04) Marantha Saturday Night Concert Happily Married Man
05) Marantha Saturday Night Concert Abidin'
06) Marantha Saturday Night Concert I Believe In You
07) Live Backstage with DA Interview
08) Cornerstone June 1984 I Didn't Build This For Me
09) Cornerstone June 1984 Endless Summer
10) The 700 Club Interview March 6, 1985  
11) Ictus April 26, 1985 Mall (All Over the World)
12) Ictus April 26, 1985 Faces in the Window
13) Ictus April 26, 1985 Memory Lane
14) Ictus April 26, 1985 New Car
15) Darn Floor Big Bite album cover session with "Jesus Girl"
16) Cornerstone rehersal 1987  
17) Traveling to a concert  
18) Harvest Rock Readers' Choice Awards  
19) Cornerstone July 4, 1987 Darn Floor, Big Bite
20) Cornerstone July 4, 1987 band introductions
21) Cornerstone July 4, 1987 audience plays "I Love You #19"
22) Terry Taylor interviews Terry Taylor  
23) BAI Promo segment 1993 with Michael Knott, Ojo Taylor, and Gene Eugene
24) Jesus People Reunion April 24, 1999 intros
25) Jesus People Reunion April 24, 1999 Ain't Gonna Fight It
26) Jesus People Reunion April 24, 1999 Walls of Doubt
27) Jesus People Reunion April 24, 1999 You Lay Down
28) Credits & Outtakes  
29) Cornerstone June 1984 Little Girls
30) Cornerstone June 1984 As the World Turns / Sanctuary
31) Bonus song Terry & ??? sing ??? ("I Love You"?)

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Great video!

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