Five O'Clock People - Live @ GFU 2/8/2008
From the description: "The band Five O'Clock people peforms at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, to promote their 2008 CD release Temper Temper."

album cover

Five O'Clock People
Live @ GFU 2/8/2008 (Independent 2010)

Drew Grow
Patrick Tetreault
Alex Walker
Corrie Covell
Jeramy Burchett
Chris Rhoads
Jeremiah Hayden

01) Gold Rush  
02) Blame Originally on L.S.U. - Grace Shaker
03) February  
04) Aftermath  
05) Enfant Terrible  
06) Stable Boy  
07) Autumn  
08) Sorry  
09) Waltz  
10) Lightning Rod  
11) Angry Rant  
12) Deer Country  
13) Fight Good Sinners  
14) House of God  
15) G-G-G Originally on L.S.U. - This is the Healing

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