Bomb Bay Babies | Volume 1

Liner Notes: The Bomb Bay Babies Story
Part One: The First BombThe Bomb Bay Babies began as an act of punk rebellion against the bands dominating Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. Whatever punk remnants the late ’70s left behind were absent from the hairspray haven of Hollywood metal at the time. Frontman Michael Knott formed the band in 1987 after releasing an album called Shaded Pain by his other group, Lifesavers Underground. Believing a punk revival was inevitable, Knott took his cues from the glam-punk flavors of the New York Dolls and Sigue Sigue Sputnik, as well as U.K. pioneers the Sex Pistols and early Adam Ant. Knott wanted to form a band that had the Hollywood look, but who delivered a shocking punk rock sound.

The band originally formed under the name Skinny Elvis. The line-up included a fourth member, Knott’s then-roommate Brian Doidge. A few months later, Doidge left to front his own band, Ball and Chain. In the future, Doidge and Knott would re-team in Lifesavers Underground and the Aunt Bettys. For the time being, Knott’s band had become a three piece. It was at this juncture that they changed their name to the Bomb Bay Babies.

The Bomb Bay Babies assaulted Hollywood and the Sunset Strip, packing clubs like the Whisky-a-Go-Go, the Anti-Club, and the Coconut Teaszer. Metal fans, drawn by the band’s flamboyant fliers, were blown away by the rebellious pop-driven angst which roared from the stage. After a year of playing, Windswept Pacific A&R representative John Anderson confessed to the band that he, too, believed in the inevitable return of punk rock, despite the fact that all of his colleagues felt differently. Anderson soon signed the Bomb Bay Babies to a publishing deal, helping to take the young band to a new level.

To learn what happened next, stay tuned for the Bomb Bay Babies, Volume Two.

album cover  
Bomb Bay Babies
Volume 1 (2000 Marathon Records)
Produced by: Michael KnottMichael Knott – Vocals, guitar
Jamie Makarczyk – bass and vocals
Neal Vorndran – drums and vocals
Studio tracks
01) Energy Knott From the original demos
02) Don’t Say No Knott  
03) Do You Knott  
04) My Addiction Knott From the original demos
05) American Dream Knott From the original demos
06) Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Knott From the original demos
07) Oh, Malina Knott  
08) Apocalyse Lips Knott From the original demos
09) We’ve Got What You Need Knott  
10) Revival Knott Re-recorded by L.S.U. on Wakin Up the Dead
Live tracks
11) Johnny Wayne Knott  
12) Big Shot Record Man Knott  
13) She’s a River Knott  
14) It’s a Sham Knott  
15) Wakin’ Up the Dead Knott Re-recorded by L.S.U. on Wakin Up the Dead
16) My Baby Knott  
17) Screaming Knott  
18) Beauty Queen Knott  
19) Boom Boom Lounge Knott  
20) Unnamed Track Knott  


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    Was Volume 2 ever released? Is there any way to get it? Id love to hear it.

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