The Choir | Flap Your Wings

Another one of the few times that MIchael has painted a cover for an album other than one of his own.

album cover

The Choir
Flap Your Wings (2000 Resolve)
Produced by Steve Hindalong, Derri Daugherty, and Tim Chandler
Cover Painting by Michael Knott

Derri Daugherty – Lead vocals, guitars
Steve Hindalong – Drums, percussion
Tim Chandler – Bass guitar
Dan Michaels – Saxophone, lyricon
Julian Kindred – Ring modulator
Christine Glass – Background vocals
Emily Hindalong – Trumpet postlude to “Sunny”
Phil Madeira – Mellotron flutes and strings
Jacob Lawson – Violin

01) Flap Your Wings Hindalong / Daugherty
02) Shiny Floor Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler
03) Mercy Lives Here Daugherty
04) Hey Gene Hindalong / Daugherty / Michaels
05) Sunny Hindalong / Chandler
06) Flowing Over Me Hindalong / Daugherty
07) Cherry Bomb Hindalong / Daugherty
08) I Don’t Mean Any Harm Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler
09) A Moment In Time Hindalong / Daugherty
10) Beautiful Scandalous Night Hindalong / Daugherty

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