Windy Lyre | Windy Lyre

Michael Knott’s only collaboration with his first wife. This is also a lower-budget album (with drum machines), but still solid. This album remind me of early Sixpence None the Richer, but of course it came out years before that.

Windy Lyre - Windy Lyre (CD cover 1) Windy Lyre - Windy Lyre (CD cover 2)

Label: Blonde Vinyl Records
Format: CD, Cassette
Released: 1991
Genre: Pop Alternative Rock
Producer: Michael Knott

Windy Lyre: Vocals
Michael Knott: Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming
Robert Mayer: Additional Bass, Roland R5 Drum Tech
Mike Misiuk: Roland R5 Program to Tape Tech
01) Illumination 4:11 Knott, Lyre  
02) Field of Flowers 3:57 Knott, Lyre  
03) You’re Beautiful 3:50 Knott, Lyre  
04) Ave 3:54 Knott, Lyre Demo version on ACM Compilation # 1
05) Paralyzed 4:00 Knott, Lyre  
06) Blue 4:52 Knott, Lyre  
07) Day I Die 3:40 Knott, Lyre  
08) Drink 3:06 Knott, Lyre  


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