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Date City Venue Band Notes
02.18.2000 Austin, TX Blind Pig Pub Solo acoustic setlist *
02.19.2000 Webster, TX Clearlake Vineyard Solo acoustic setlist *
02.20.2000 Baton Rouge, LA Quail Ridge Bible Church Solo acoustic
02.21.2000 New Orleans, LA Mermaid Lounge Solo acoustic
02.23.2000 Gainesville, FL DGs Coffee and More Solo acoustic
02.24.2000 Alpharetta, GA Roswell Church of God Solo acoustic Special guest: Mark Blackburn *
02.25.2000 Franklin, TN Jammin Java Solo acoustic setlist *
02.26.2000 Louisville, KY Highland Community Church Solo acoustic setlist *
02.27.2000 Cincinnati, OH Kenwood Baptist Church Solo acoustic Special guest: Hjalmer Hjalmero setlist *
02.28.2000 Evansville, IN The Rev (Calvary Chapel) Solo acoustic setlist *
02.29.2000 Maplewood, MO Christ Church, UCC Solo acoustic setlist *
03.01.2000 DeSoto, KS The Crossing Solo acoustic
03.02.2000 Witchita, KS The Foundry Solo acoustic setlist
03.29.2000 Winona Lake, IN Grace College Solo acoustic Special guest: 5 O'Clock People setlist *
03.30.2000 Grand Rapids, MI Calvin College Solo acoustic setlist *
03.31.2000 Livonia, MI Trinity House Theatre Solo acoustic
04.01.2000 Dayton, OH Canal Street Tavern Solo acoustic setlist *
04.02.2000 Columbus, OH Fourth Avenue Christian Church Solo acoustic
04.04.2000 Upper Burrell, PA [unknown] Solo acoustic Free early afternoon show
04.04.2000 Grove City, PA Broad Street Jamhouse Solo acoustic
04.05.2000 Hagerstown, MD The Cave Solo acoustic
04.06.2000 Huntingdon Valley, PA EFC Breakthru Cafe Solo acoustic Opening band: Rainy Day Theory setlist *
04.07.2000 Houghton, NY Houghton College Solo acoustic setlist
04.08.2000 Buffalo, NY The Basement Solo acoustic Special guest: McClurg Family Singers
04.09.2000 Williamsville, NY Evangel Assembly of God Solo acoustic Part of a church service
04.10.2000 London, Ontario Canada Cafe Etc. Solo acoustic Special guest: Dumb as Sheep
04.17.2000 Houghton, NY Houghton College Solo acoustic setlist *
04.26.2000 ? Break Thru Solo acoustic setlist *
04.28.2000 Portland, OR Mt. Scott Church of God Solo acoustic
04.29.2000 Spokane, WA Whitworth College Solo acoustic
04.30.2000 Bremerton, WA The Roxy Solo acoustic
05.05.2000 Anaheim, CA Linda's Doll Hut Strung Gurus
05.06.2000 Irvine, CA Irvine Ampitheatre Strung Gurus Dennis Danell benefit show
05.10.2000 Oshkosh, WI New Moon Coffee Co. Solo acoustic Opening band: Ticklepenny Corner
05.11.2000 Wausau, WI Rockwater Coffee House Solo acoustic
05.12.2000 River Falls, WI Brandy's (@ the U of Wisconsin) Solo acoustic setlist *
05.13.2000 Chetek, WI Chetek Lutheran Church Solo acoustic setlist *
05.14.2000 St. Paul, MN The Living Room Solo acoustic changed to new date?
05.16.2000 Madison, WI Cosmo's Quarry Solo acoustic
05.17.2000 Aurora, IL Warehouse Church Solo acoustic
05.18.2000 Chicago, IL Uncommon Ground Solo acoustic Special Guest: Ticklepenny Corner
05.19.2000 Valparaiso, IN The Night Owl Coffeeshop Solo acoustic Opening bands: Tickle Penny Corner, Unwed Sailor
05.20.2000 Grandville, MI The Oneighty Solo acoustic
05.21.2000 Constantine, MI The Apocalypse Solo acoustic Opening band: Tickle Penny Corner
05.23.2000 Indianapolis, IN Club Z at the Sonshine Inn Solo acoustic setlist *
05.24.2000 Tinley Perk, IL Tinley Perk Solo acoustic
07.05.2000 Bushnell, IL Cornerstone Festival Solo acoustic setlist *
07.05.2000 Bushnell, IL Cornerstone Festival Cush setlist *
07.05.2000 Bushnell, IL Cornerstone Festival Adam Again Gene Eugene Tribute setlist *
07.07.2000 Los Angeles, CA The Viper Room Strung Gurus
07.08.2000 Ottumwa, IA Cuppa Joe's Coffeehouse Solo acoustic
07.09.2000 West Des Moines, IA Point of Grace Church Solo acoustic
07.10.2000 Minneapolis, MN The Foxfire Solo acoustic
07.11.2000 Grafton, ND H's Cellar Solo acoustic
07.12.2000 St. Paul, MN The Living Room Solo acoustic setlist *
07.14.2000 Minnesota, MN Sonshine Festival Solo acoustic HM Magazine stage
07.17.2000 Taylors, SC The Powerhouse Solo acoustic
07.18.2000 Boiling Springs, NC Crossroads Youth Camp Solo acoustic
07.19.2000 North Carolina Youth Camp Solo acoustic
07.21.2000 Los Angeles, CA The Viper Room Strung Gurus Invitation-only set setlist
07.21.2000 Mesa, AZ Boston's Aunt Bettys (I'm guessing this one was cancelled)
07.22.2000 Phoenix, AZ Celebrity Theater Solo acoustic or with Value Pac?
07.27.2000 Stevenson, WA TomFest Aunt Bettys setlist *
07.27.2000 Stevenson, WA TomFest Solo acoustic setlist *
07.28.2000 Stevenson, WA TomFest Cush
07.29.2000 St. Davids, PA Eastern College Solo acoustic
07.30.2000 New York, NY Laura Summerhill's house Solo acoustic
07.30.2000 New York, NY Luna Lounge Solo acoustic
07.31.2000 Port Ewen, NY Banner of Love Christian Fellowship Solo acoustic
08.01.2000 Baldwinesville, NY Word of Life Assembly of God Solo acoustic
08.02.2000 Cropysville, NY Crossroad Cafe Solo acoustic setlist *
08.03.2000 Loon Mountain, NH Inside/Out Festival Solo acoustic Played at The Mercy Cafe
08.04.2000 Loon Mountain, NH Inside/Out Festival Solo acoustic Played at Center Stage
08.04.2000 Loon Mountain, NH Inside/Out Festival Solo acoustic Played at Soul Cafe setlist *
08.04.2000 Concord, NH Cafe Eclipse Solo acoustic
08.05.2000 Anaheim, CA L.A. Stadium Vineyard Cush
09.01.2000 Pomona, CA The Glasshouse Cush
09.02.2000 Ontario, CA Echoes of Faith Church L.S.U. Gene Eugene Tribute Concert
09.29.2000 Lake Forest, CA The Gypsy Den Mike Knott Band Jeff Elbel: bass, Sam West: drums
10.12.2000 Jacksonville, FL Murray Hill Theatre Cafe Solo acoustic
10.13.2000 Largo, FL Smiley's Coffee House Solo acoustic
10.14.2000 West Palm Beach, FL Respectable's Street Cafe Solo acoustic setlist *
10.14.2000 Lakeland, FL Arts in the Park Solo acoustic
10.17.2000 Starkville, MS Rick's Cafe Solo acoustic
10.20.2000 Snellville, GA The 513 Club Solo acoustic
10.21.2000 Birmingham, AL The Crush Solo acoustic
11.02.2000 Chicago, IL Uncommon Ground Solo acoustic Opening band: Ticklepenny Corner
11.03.2000 Neenah, WI Blue Moon Solo acoustic
11.04.2000 Madison, WI Catacombs CoffeeHouse Solo acoustic Opening band: Ticklepenny Corner
11.05.2000 Milwaukee, WI Linnemann's Riverwest Inn Solo acoustic
11.07.2000 Columbus, OH The Hollow Solo acoustic setlist *
11.08.2000 Hinman, KY The Groove Coffee House Solo acoustic Opening Bands: Ticklepenny Corner
11.09.2000 St. Louis, MO America Center Lecture Hall Solo acoustic Youth Specialties Youth Worker's Convention
11.10.2000 Dallas, TX Deep Ellum Solo acoustic
11.11.2000 Midland, TX Sound Source Christian Music Solo acoustic
11.12.2000 Amarillo, TX The Pinnacle Solo acoustic
11.13.2000 Guthrie, OK Brooklyn Bay Solo acoustic
11.14.2000 Linn Creek, MO The Rock House Solo acoustic
11.15.2000 Rolla, MO First Baptist Church Solo acoustic
11.16.2000 Mechanicsville, IW American Legion Hall Solo acoustic
11.17.2000 River Falls, WI Brandy's @ U. of Wisconsin Solo acoustic Opening band: TicklePenny Corner setlist *
11.18.2000 Minneapolis, MN The New Union Solo acoustic
* These shows have known bootlegs in circulation

This list is in no way complete. Many of these dates were taken from archived lists of "upcoming" concerts, so unconfirmed concerts may have benn changed or even cancelled. Additions, corrections, flyers, images, and set list submissions are always greatly appreciated. Contact me to send in anything. I have most of the bootlegs marked above, but I am always looking for more. If you have something I might be interested in, please contact me.