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Date City Venue Band Notes
06.07.2002 Toronto, ON CAN. Free Times Cafe Solo acoustic Part of the NXNE (North By NorthEast) Festival setlist *
06.14.2002 Memphis, TN One Fest Band Backed by Ticklepenny Corner, Jacobstone, & The Wayside setlist *
07.03.2002 Bushnell, IL Cornerstone Festival Solo acoustic Encore 2 Stage setlist *
04.24.2003 Wilmore, KY Icthus Festival Solo acoustic
04.25.2003 Louisville, KY Aslan's How Art Gallery Solo acoustic
04.26.2003 Kansas City, MO The New Earth Coffee House Solo acoustic setlist *
04.27.2003 Belleville, IL Three-1-Three Solo acoustic setlist *
04.29.2003 Upland, IN Taylor University Student Union Solo acoustic
04.30.2003 Dallas, TX Muddy Waters Solo acoustic
05.02.2003 Houston, TX The Storehouse Solo acoustic
05.03.2003 Memphis, TN The Caravan Solo acoustic
05.09.2003 Orlando, FL Cornerstone Festival Solo acoustic
05.12.2003 Nashville, TN The End Solo acoustic
05.14.2003 Atlanta, GA If Coffee House Solo acoustic
05.16.2003 Andrews, NC Rock of the Andrews Solo acoustic
05.17.2003 Charlotte, NC The Garage Solo acoustic
05.19.2003 Norfolk, VA The New Belmont Solo acoustic
05.20.2003 Norfolk, VA The Taphouse Grill Solo acoustic
05.21.2003 New Castle, DE Crossroads Church Solo acoustic
05.22.2003 Nashua, NH Club Drifter's Solo acoustic
05.23.2003 Harrisburg, PA The Skoolhouse Solo acoustic
05.24.2003 Philadelphia, PA Circle Of Hope Solo acoustic
05.25.2003 King of Prussia, PA The Agora Cafe Solo acoustic setlist *
05.27.2003 Rochester, NY Parkminster Church Solo acoustic
05.30.2003 London, ON CAN. YFC Center Solo acoustic
05.30.2003 Ottawa, ON CAN. The Glebe House Solo acoustic
06.01.2003 Kingston, ON CAN. The Next Gallery Solo acoustic
06.06.2003 Winnipeg, Man. CAN. The Royal Albert Arms Hotel Solo acoustic
06.07.2003 Edmonton, Alb. CAN. The Mud Hut Solo acoustic
06.13.2003 Toronto, ON CAN. Backyard Concert Solo acoustic
06.20.2003 Quincy, CA Joshua Fest Solo acoustic
06.28.2003 Santa Monica, CA The Talking Stick Coffee Lounge Solo acoustic
07.03.2003 Bushnell, IL Cornerstone Festival Mike Knott Band Gallery Stage setlist *
07.04.2003 Bushnell, IL Cornerstone Festival Squad Five-O Joined Squad Five-O for part of Birthday Bash setlist *
07.07.2003 Harvey, IL Rube's Mike Knott Band
07.09.2003 Nashville, TN The End Mike Knott Band
07.12.2003 St. Petersburg, FL Tampa Bay Action League Mike Knott Band
07.13.2003 Lakeland, FL Johnson Sound Mike Knott Band
07.17.2003 Pineville, NC The Well Mike Knott Band setlist *
07.19.2003 New York, NY The Underground @ GTT Mike Knott Band
08.22.2003 Montréal, Quebec Barfly Solo acoustic
08.23.2003 Montréal, Quebec Newman Centre Solo acoustic
* These shows have known bootlegs in circulation

This list is in no way complete. Many of these dates were taken from archived lists of "upcoming" concerts, so unconfirmed concerts may have benn changed or even cancelled. Additions, corrections, flyers, images, and set list submissions are always greatly appreciated. Contact me to send in anything. I have most of the bootlegs marked above, but I am always looking for more. If you have something I might be interested in, please contact me.