Michael Knott Jazz Quartet

Mike Knott fan Shawn alerted me to some cool YouTube videos of a Knott show in Florida a few months ago. Mike played with a Jazz band for some of the songs. I think that now means there are only 3 styles of music Mike has not played: death metal, rap, and Bollywood (but I’m still hoping for a Mike Knott duet with Ravi Shakar some day). If anyone can get me a copy of this show, I would love that! The show is now in the videos section.

See this link: http://www.knottheads.com/videoViewer.php?id=florida2007

More YouTube Videos Added

Some of the songs from L.S.U.’s legendary 1993 Cornerstone show have been posted on YouTube. Also, a solo acoustic set from 2000 is on YouTube. Both of these have been added to the video page. Both sets of video were uploaded by Brad (a.k.a. thecannyshark).

In addition to all that, a “video” that has “Want Me” by Michael Moret playing in the background, with a scan of the cover for the “video,” has been added to the random videos. Thanks to Shawn for the heads up on the Moret “video.”

See this link: http://www.knottheads.com/video.php

Video Area is Up and Almost Complete

Due to several fans posting Knott-related videos on YouTube, I decided to create an area to collect most of these videos. I am also adding the Blonde Vinyl videos there as well. So far, there are about half of the Blonde Vinyl videos, the Gene Eugene tribute concert, Cush at Cstone, Cush live at The Door (Dallas, TX), and a few other random videos up in there.

Video page link: http://www.knottheads.com/videoPromo.php