Volume 1 of the Michael Knott Tribute Now Available!

After several delays, the new Down The Line Basement Tapes : A Tribute To Michael Knott Volume 1 is finally available! Featuring classic Knott tracks covered by The Radiant Dregs, Stellar Mass, Mike Indest, Eddie Parrino, Hidden From Blackout, Spy Satellite, Rob Gallas (of Black & White World), Leper, Paravell, And How, and many others. All tracks were compiled by Josh Lory and Steve Ruff and mastered by Deni Gauthier. Be on the lookout for Volume 2 in the future, as well as a special ongoing Volume 3 here at the Knottheads on H tribute site (for those that missed the deadline for submission to Volumes 1 and 2). You can stream or download at the Blonde Vinyl BandCamp site.

Deni Gauthier’s Homage to Mike Knott

Always glad to hear any covers/tributes/homages/etc to Michael Knott. Got this note today from a Knott fan who is also a musician:

I’m a long time Knott fan, full time Canadian musician… I popped his lyrics from “This Is The Healing” in the bridge of a song on my latest album release, with Knott’s blessing.  It fit perfectly 🙂
Thought you might like to hear it!


Deni Gauthier

You can hear the homage a little after the two minute mark, and it does fit perfectly. Also check out the rest of the album or other albums by Deni at this Bandcamp page. I’ll be getting this added to the discography page when I get a chance.