Live Recording and New 7″ In The Works

This was just posted by Joshua Lory: “Got my notes ready, practice, practice, practice (by myself right now). No solid date yet, but I think we have a venue picked out, should be in September sometime, looking like Oakland, Ca will be the city. Michael Knott, myself, Matt Biggers, Nick White, and Jafar Rafee Green will be playing the entire Rocket And A Bomb album live (upon availability of these musicians) to celebrate it’s 20 year mark. I’m sure a few other tunes will be tagged on to the set. Brian Healy was kind enough to offer Dead Artist Syndrome as an opener! Todd A. Zeller has offered to film the show! While Mike is up visiting, he and I will be recording a new EP to be released on 7″ vinyl, CD, and download. What this means is a Kickstarter will be launched to cover cost of making DVD’s of Rocket And A Bomb Live and the EP. I’ll keep everyone posted on when everything is happening as soon as I have the details.”

D.A.S. Kissing Strangers is Fun… Raising!

“You can have Kissing Strangers at your door on Halloween!
Sounds creepy, doesn’t it?

This is the title of a new Dead Artist Syndrome album.
Mixing & Mastering is needed to finish it, costing $2,500.
Here is how D.A.S. fans can help make delivery on time.

Donate $25.00 by October 25th.
Click on GET TICKETS to give.

In return, Dead Artist Syndrome will:

  • Deliver Kissing Strangers download to you on October 31
  • Add your name to a drawing for some goodies…
    1st prize – Brian Healy original painting on canvas. (Colors will match proper numbers.)
    2nd prize – 4 autographed Dead Artist Syndrome CDs (Good as coasters.)
    3rd prize – Kissing Strangers t-shirt. (Better than a Sham Wow.)

Amazingly talented folks contributed to Kissing Strangers:
Brian Healy (Dead Artist Syndrome)
John Piccari (Dead Artist Syndrome)
Derri Daugherty (The Choir, The Lost Dogs, Kerosene Halo)
Ric Alba (Altar Boys,Undercover)
Michele Bunch Palmer (Adam Again)
Steve Hindalong –(The Choir,The Lost Dogs, LSU)
Michael Knott (LifeSavers, LSU, Aunt Betty’s)
Gym Nicholson (Undercover, Boys Club, Steve Taylor)
Marc Plainguet (Gadget, Graveyard Cafe)
Ojo Taylor (Undercover)”

See to help!

Lifesavers “Heaven High” Is Now Available

This just in from Josh Lory, bassist for Lifesavers: “Give the people what they want! New Lifsavers available for download now! This download was originally made available only to the Kickstarter backers of the project. Due to a large amount of interest from people that missed the Kickstarter campaign 2 years ago, and an early leak of the album, we decided to make this version available to the public for only $10! The Kickstarter edition was mastered by Masaki Liu and will differ slightly in sound than the CD version coming out within the next few months. The CD will be mastered by J. Powell at Steinhaus Mastering.

New Lifesavers is Just Around the Corner

Joshua Lory has reported that the new Lifesavers album Heaven High is currently being mixed by Masaki, and then it will be mastered by Cliffy Huntington. So the release is coming soon. Kickstarter supporters will get their discs mailed to them along with a digital surprise – check your email for updates. Pennies for Stormie Laine is also being reported to take shape. Should be a good year for new Knott material.

New Knott Music Is Coming!

Recent discussion on Facebook have unearthed proof that Michael Knott is working on new albums. And also finishing out some old ones. A new Michael Knott Fan page is up on Facebook for discussions, but it sports a picture of Mr. Knott working on Pennies For Stormie Laine. A few other releases have been mentioned to, so we may see a flurry of new music over the next year or two.

Gallery Section is Updated

So I finally got around to moving the gallery into the new theme. The good news is that it works great, the bad news is that you can’t comment on individual pictures. Maybe that will come in future updates of the software I am using. So we are now mostly in the new theme (finally). At some point I need to tweak things a bit and get an updated design for the Blonde Vinyl tribute, but my first priority will be to get all of the new stuff that I have amassed over the past year of updates on the site. There is some cool stuff in there.

I could also use some better pictures of some of the classic Knott T-Shirts. Anyone out there that can help, please let me know.

On the new release front, from what we hear the new Lifesavers album (Heaven High) is still coming this year. There are also rumors of some cool re-issues. The Hail Mary Studios lists Even Star and a second Hidden From Blackout album coming out this year. And some of the people that were involved with Losing Angel have been posting on Facebook about mixing some of the songs from those sessions. Hrmmm…. what could that mean? I guess we will see 🙂 And to top all of that off, LS Underground/Lifesavers bassist Joshua Lory has been working on new Western Grace songs (some of which were considered at one time for the Lifesavers new album). 2012 could be the new 2000 for Knott fans.

Knott Tribute in the Works

Joshua Lory, current bass player for L.S. Underground and Lifesavers (as well as leading his own excellent bands Western Grace and The Bloody Strummers), is putting together a Michael Knott tribute album for the end of 2012. The goal is to have songs in by September 2012 and then have the CD out by the end of the year. So far the line-up looks amazing, but anyone else interested in being on the tribute should contact Josh by finding him on Facebook. Or let me know and I can pass it along to him.

The site discography has been updated a bit – added a few new items. The list of site updates has been moved to the bottom of the page for those that watch that – you can see the new pages added there.

There are some interesting new Knott projects coming in 2012, as well as some interesting re-issue possibilities – so stay tuned for updates as they became available.