Site Updates and New Music on the Horizon

Several pages have been added or updated – you can see the list on the bottom of this page. There are also several projects on the horizon for Knott, some that are new and some that have been in various stages of development for years (or decades). The new issue of Down The Line magazine will have an interview with Matt Hunt of Retroactive / Bombworks / Born Twice that touches briefly on two interesting releases for the future. Stay tuned for some announcements in the future.

Gallery Section is Updated

So I finally got around to moving the gallery into the new theme. The good news is that it works great, the bad news is that you can’t comment on individual pictures. Maybe that will come in future updates of the software I am using. So we are now mostly in the new theme (finally). At some point I need to tweak things a bit and get an updated design for the Blonde Vinyl tribute, but my first priority will be to get all of the new stuff that I have amassed over the past year of updates on the site. There is some cool stuff in there.

I could also use some better pictures of some of the classic Knott T-Shirts. Anyone out there that can help, please let me know.

On the new release front, from what we hear the new Lifesavers album (Heaven High) is still coming this year. There are also rumors of some cool re-issues. The Hail Mary Studios lists Even Star and a second Hidden From Blackout album coming out this year. And some of the people that were involved with Losing Angel have been posting on Facebook about mixing some of the songs from those sessions. Hrmmm…. what could that mean? I guess we will see ūüôā And to top all of that off, LS Underground/Lifesavers bassist Joshua Lory has been working on new Western Grace songs (some of which were considered at one time for the Lifesavers new album). 2012 could be the new 2000 for Knott fans.

New Site Partially Up

Been quiet around here, but the good news is that the new site design is up and running. The news and discography sections have been moved over to the new look, but if you click around on any other areas you’ll still see the old look. As I get time, I’ll get the whole site moved over. And I also¬†apologize¬†if anything doesn’t work – let me know if anything breaks!

The news section is now run by a blog, which should also make the updates autopost to Facebook (and hopefully soon to Twitter). You can also comment on the news posts if you would like.

I’m also currently working on some biographies for various bands. See the new Lifesavers for a peek at what that will look like.

After that? Hopefully some other new features and some updates on current Knott-related projects.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

New Section: The Gallery

Up until this week, Knottheads on H was hosted by a service with some nice but ultimately limiting bandwidth limits. Therefore, image sizes had to be kept small. Now, thanks to shiny new hosting by, I don’t have to worry about those limits. So I have now installed a ZenPhoto image gallery to replace the art gallery and images gallery with one section. Most images have been moved there. If you have something you want to add to the gallery – please send them in. Also, ZenPhoto lets you comment on each image. Where I could remember, I tried to credit who sent in the image that I uploaded. Some of the submitted images I drew a blank on, so if I forgot to credit you – please let me know!

Gallery link:

New Knottheads Site Launched

You are now looking at the new Knottheads look. A little bit of reorganizing has happened – everything that was on the site is still there – it just may have gotten moved in to the Archives section. There is also some new stuff in the Archives section, including a gigography and list of articles tat Michael Knott has appeared in. These are far from complete or totally accurate, so please feel free to send in updates, additions, and corrections.

Just a Reminder: This is a Fan Site

Thanks to everyone for their support and for spreading the word about this site. Mike Knott fans are a dedicated bunch. Feel free to quote whatever I put up here – I try not to put up anything that I don’t have permission to post, or something that is just hearsay or rumors. But if you do quote me – make sure you don’t call me the “official” Michael Knott site. I see that occasionally on eBay auctions, the occasional blog, some other random places, etc. Just make sure you are calling me the knottheads fan site. Or, if you are quoting someone that I quote in the news, feel free to leave me out and just say “So and so said…” But this is not the official Michael Knott site. See or one of the many official Knott-related MySpace pages in the link section.

Discography page finally finished!

I know I said that I wasn’t going to put site updates in this area, but this is a big update: the discography page has been finished! Everything in there now has a page. I have also designed it so that you can see the whole discography, or choose any one of several categories to filter by. I just need to finish the updates for the Blonde Vinyl Tribute area and the archives on this site will be finished. Hopefully, I will also have some interesting updates soon about new collaborations with other websites or new areas for this site.

Discography link:

Site Updates Section Added

In order to separate the true Knott news from little updates to this site (like I added three whole discography entries!), I added a ‘site updates’ section to the front page, bottom right hand corner. Look at that for new pages that are added, or existing pages that are updated. It will show about the last 10 or so on there.

A Few Additions to the Site

Tweaks have been made to the album detail pages, so that it is easier to see who wrote which song. Also, some album detail pages have also been added. The “Knott Heads on H?” link on the right side of the page now leads to a more detailed about page, with a brief history of this site, as well as some information about me. For some reason, some people had emailed wanting that information, so there you go.

About this site: