Watch Me Fall by Kevin Clay Re-issued

Fans of Michael Knott’s production work will be interested to know that Kevin Clay’s 1996 Knott-produced album “Watch Me Fall” has been re-issued by Clay himself. The album has been re-mastered and released as a digital download on BandCamp. Also up on BandCamp are other classic Kevin Clay and My Little Dog China albums.

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Hidden From Blackout Releases Album

The self-released Hidden From Blackout record, Breakups and Fur Coats, has been completed and is now available. Recorded at Hail Mary Studios, it was co-produced and co-mixed by Michael Knott. The beautiful 12 song collection of melodic, textured, reflective, and emotionally engaging songs can be purchased by sending $14.00 by PayPal (U.S. & Canada shipping included) to

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New Windy Lyre Music on MySpace

Fans of Blonde Vinyl recording artist Windy Lyre need to check out her MySpace page for three new songs. Information on the page lists the dates of these as 2008, 2 being attributed to an album called “Overflow,” and another one attributed to an album called “Dance Over Me.” Her page also lists Michael Knott as “guitarist, etc.” Nothing seems to officially indicate an album release or Michael’s involvement, but there is at least new music and hint of some more to come. Stylistically, the songs seem to be similar to her work for Blonde Vinyl – but also don’t seem to be left-overs from 1991.

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Mike Knott and Hidden From Blackout

I mentioned a while back that Mike’s partner in Struck Last May (Rick McDonough) has a side band called Hidden From Blackout. I thought some of the vocals in the HFB songs on MySpace sounded vaguely Knott-ish. When I asked about that, HFB responded that Mike is an influence and does sometimes provide back-up… but not on the posted songs. So, someday we might see some HFB stuff added to the Knott discography. But I still look forward to the HFB album, with or without Mike’s back-up.

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