Michael Knott on Frontline Rewind Podcast

“Brian Healy of Dead Artist Syndrome returns to guest host our 50th episode of Frontline Rewind! Healy gets together in studio with the one and only Michael Knott (LifeSavers, LSU) to celebrate digital release of his albums, “The Grape Prophet” and “Heaven High”. These guys are good friends and this episode is filled with camaraderie, transparency and free-flowing wit.

Knott reveals the back-story for his rock opera, “The Grape Prophet” (L.S. Underground). Songs relate his experience with a Southern California church he attended that had self-proclaimed prophets from Kansas City. Tune in to hear details. Michael performs acoustic renditions of several songs from the album, available digitally for the first time since its 1992 Blonde Vinyl Records release.

Healy also urges Knott to talk about a Saintly influence for “Heaven High” (LifeSavers), a crowd-funded CD that released in 2014, available digitally now for the first time. Knott talks about Saint Clare of Assisi, whose picture is on the cover, and her story. He describes the album as a “bombastic love-fest of hope and truth”. Now that’s worth checking out!”


Classic Lifesavers Albums Available on BandCamp

Good news for fans that haven’t been willing or able to fork out big ebay price tags: The ultra rare Lifesavors single “You and Me” is now available for streaming or digital purchase on the band’s BandCamp page. This is probably the earliest release that featured Knott’s songwriting. You can also snag a digital copy of the classic Poplife album if you are still missing it. BandCamp is bringing us some good things, so let’s see what else comes through in the future.

Lifesavers “Heaven High” Is Now Available

This just in from Josh Lory, bassist for Lifesavers: “Give the people what they want! New Lifsavers available for download now! This download was originally made available only to the Kickstarter backers of the project. Due to a large amount of interest from people that missed the Kickstarter campaign 2 years ago, and an early leak of the album, we decided to make this version available to the public for only $10! The Kickstarter edition was mastered by Masaki Liu and will differ slightly in sound than the CD version coming out within the next few months. The CD will be mastered by J. Powell at Steinhaus Mastering. http://lifesavers1.bandcamp.com/album/heaven-high-kickstarter-download-version

New Lifesavers is Just Around the Corner

Joshua Lory has reported that the new Lifesavers album Heaven High is currently being mixed by Masaki, and then it will be mastered by Cliffy Huntington. So the release is coming soon. Kickstarter supporters will get their discs mailed to them along with a digital surprise – check your email for updates. Pennies for Stormie Laine is also being reported to take shape. Should be a good year for new Knott material.

Help Support a New Lifesavers Album

The Lifesavers are recording an album and they need your help. The name of the album will be Dog Days of an Indian Summer and according to the band:

13 songs are written, recording has already begun! This album will be classic Lifesavers Surf/Punk, a soundtrack for Summer if you will. Recording will be done by Joshua Lory at his home studio as well as One Way Studio with Masaki Liu, who will more than likely mix it. Mastering will be done by J. Powell at Steinhaus Mastering. The money we raise here will go to studio cost for recording drums, guitar, and mixing, as well as CD pressing. Those that donate $15.00 and up will receive a download link sent to their email the day the album is finished mixing as well as a copy of the disc before it hits any stores!

See the this link for their Kickstarter page to make donations: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lifesavers/dod-days-of-an-indian-summer-new-lifesavers-2011

Updates on Upcoming Knott Project

There aren’t very many official updates to report yet, but a few unofficial tidbits. A member of the Knott FaceBook page (you should join it if you haven’t) asked Mike about the L.S.U. album and reported that he said it was being mixed. Also, inside sources report that the songs for the new Lifesavors album are picked and may start recording soon.

Massive amounts of Knott-y News!

As reported in Down the Line magazine, Michael Knott is up to a lot of stuff now, and this site will updated with all of this news as soon as I can. Some highlights: Brian Doidge is going to be on the upcoming L.S.U. album, Losing Angel is not happening anymore, Even Star is coming soon, and the Lifesavors new album looks like it is gaining steam. Wow. Much more to be heard – read the magazine for details!

See this link: http://www.michaelknott.com