Volume 2 of the Michael Knott Tribute is Now Out!

Following hot on the heels of Volume 1, the second volume of the Michael Knott tribute album is now available. Shine A Light – A Tribute To Michael Knott Vol. 2 is available for streaming or purchase at the Blonde Vinyl Records BandCamp site. Featuring Black And White World, Dead Artist Syndrome, Jeff Elbel + Ping, The Electrics, Jesse Sprinkle, Deni Gauthier (who also provides the tribute artwork), Leper, Glower, Destroy Nate Allen, the Bloody Strummers, the b-attitudes, While Rome Is Burning, Barefoot Journeymen, David The Good, Angus McKinney, Marcus Larson, and a special collaboration between Sean Doty (Veil of Ashes), Ric Alba (The Altar Boys), and Gym Nicholson (Undercover). You don’t want to miss this one.

Volume 1 of the Michael Knott Tribute Now Available!

After several delays, the new Down The Line Basement Tapes : A Tribute To Michael Knott Volume 1 is finally available! Featuring classic Knott tracks covered by The Radiant Dregs, Stellar Mass, Mike Indest, Eddie Parrino, Hidden From Blackout, Spy Satellite, Rob Gallas (of Black & White World), Leper, Paravell, And How, and many others. All tracks were compiled by Josh Lory and Steve Ruff and mastered by Deni Gauthier. Be on the lookout for Volume 2 in the future, as well as a special ongoing Volume 3 here at the Knottheads on H tribute site (for those that missed the deadline for submission to Volumes 1 and 2). You can stream or download at the Blonde Vinyl BandCamp site.

Knott Tribute in the Works

Joshua Lory, current bass player for L.S. Underground and Lifesavers (as well as leading his own excellent bands Western Grace and The Bloody Strummers), is putting together a Michael Knott tribute album for the end of 2012. The goal is to have songs in by September 2012 and then have the CD out by the end of the year. So far the line-up looks amazing, but anyone else interested in being on the tribute should contact Josh by finding him on Facebook. Or let me know and I can pass it along to him.

The site discography has been updated a bit – added a few new items. The list of site updates has been moved to the bottom of the page for those that watch that – you can see the new pages added there.

There are some interesting new Knott projects coming in 2012, as well as some interesting re-issue possibilities – so stay tuned for updates as they became available.