Acoustic Shack
Acoustic Shack was an alternative rock band that seemed to go fairly unnoticed in the Christian music realm. They started off as a band called Autumn Rose that released one demo in 1989 with Michael Misiuk on lead vocals. At some point after that they changed their name to Acoustic Shack. The band's name (and the album cover for their debut) would seem to imply that they are a folk duo. However, they really had more of alternative rock band style, with a few songs even including distorted guitar.

After Blonde Vinyl, Acoustic Shack continued to release albums, some of which showcased a heavier tone that their self-titled debut only hinted at.

Laura Misiuk is the sister of Michael Pritzl of The Violet Burning. Michael Misiuk has also been a member of The Violet Burning from time to time, recording on several of their albums and touring occasionally.
  Acoustic Shack
Acoustic Shack

Pre-Blonde Vinyl Career
album cover  
Independent (1990)
Produced by Michael Misiuk

01) Little Boy 4:52
02) Run Soldier Run 3:51
03) Dedicated Man 3:50
04) Love Drug 4:16
05) Waiting For The Last 4:48

Other Information:
This demo featured Michael Misiuk on lead vocals and Laura Misiuk on background vocals.

Blonde Vinyl Releases
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Acoustic Shack
BVCD3322 (1991)
Produced by Michael Misiuk

Laura Misiuk - all vocals
Michael Misiuk - all acoustic and electric guitar, drum programming and arrangements, background vocals, lead vocals on "red door"
Scott Tubbs - fretted and fretless bass guitars

01) If I Could 4:06 M. & L. Misiuk
02) It's Good To Know 3:52 M. & L. Misiuk
03) Deliver Me 4:17 M. & L. Misiuk
04) House Is Shakin' 4:08 M. & L. Misiuk
05) Red Door 4:09 M. & L. Misiuk
06) No Pain 4:13 M. & L. Misiuk
07) Make It Better 3:35 M. & L. Misiuk
08) What Is This 4:43 M. & L. Misiuk
09) Nicole And Lindsey 5:33 M. & L. Misiuk
10) Torment Party 5:02 M. & L. Misiuk
11) My Eyes Are Dry 2:11 Keith Green

Other Information:
"It's Good to Know" was #22 on Christian music charts in 1992

Blonde Vinyl Compilation Appearances
Post-Blonde Vinyl Career
album cover  
Frett Buzz
Broken Records (1993)
Produced by Michael Misiuk with Gene Eugene

Laura Misiuk - vocals
Michael Misiuk - electric and acoustic guitar, e-bow, vocals
Ed Benrock - drums and percussion
Erick Coomes - bass guitar

Gene Eugene - background vocals
Sup from SFC - record scratching
Mini Mendez - bass guitar and additional BGVs

01) On the Wayside 4:29 M. & L. Misiuk
02) Standing Down 4:34 M. Misiuk
03) I'm On My Way 3:49 M. & L. Misiuk
04) Waiting for the Last 4:35 M. & L. Misiuk
05) I Do 3:56 M. & L. Misiuk
06) Radio Play 3:45 M. Misiuk
07) No Place Like Home 3:07 M. Misiuk
08) Good Evening 4:46 M. & L. Misiuk
09) Carry Me To My Castle 5:21 M. Misiuk
10) It's a Mystery 4:11 M. & L. Misiuk
11) Dancin' 4:13 M. Misiuk
12) Bad Moon Rising 3:09 John C. Fogerty

Around this time, Michael Misiuk also formed The Kreepdowns and released one CD called "Let's Spin" in 1998.

album cover  
A Distant Bell
Red Moon Records (1998)
Produced by Michael Misiuk

Laura Misiuk - vocals, keyboards
Michael Misiuk - guitars, keyboards
Ed Benrock - drums, percussion
KD - bass guitar

Michael Pritzl - additional percussion
Randy Taylor - additional keyboard
BJ - additional bass guitar

01) Lost The Timing 3:38 L. Misiuk
02) A Distant Bell 4:12 M. Misiuk
03) Blue 3:37 L. Misiuk
04) Move 3:57 L. Misiuk
05) Need For You 3:40 L. Misiuk
06) I Don't Pretend 4:00 L. Misiuk
07) Hold On 4:15 L. Misiuk
08) Threshold 3:48 L. Misiuk
09) Sun In My Face 4:28 L. Misiuk
10) It's Over 4:25 L. Misiuk

album cover  
Redeeming the Time
Red Moon Records (2001)
Produced by Michael Misiuk

Laura Misiuk - vocals
Michael Misiuk - guitars, mandoguitar, bass, synth, percussion, BGV, slide stick, accordian
Ed Benrock - drums, percussion
Steve R - string bends, lap steel, guitars
Robert Nance - upright bass, cello, rain stick

01) How Great Thou Art 4:25 Stuart K. Hine
02) Fire in My Soul 3:08 M. Misiuk
03) Peace Give I to Thee 3:29 Vic Houser
04) It's a Miracle 4:25 M. Misiuk
05) Just a Closer Walk 3:17 traditional
06) Santo Dios 3:52 M. Misiuk
07) Gloria 3:56 M. Misiuk
08) I Have Decided 4:28 Indian folk melody
09) Soon and Very Soon 3:53 Andrae Crouch
10) Away in a Manger 3:46 traditional

After this, Acoustic Shack became Dear A19 and released one CD in 2002 called "Decade of Diversity". This CD seemed to be a collection of Acoustic Shack songs, even though it's not clear if they were re-recorded or not. Michael Misiuk also released a solo CD in 2004 called Me and My Shadows.

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