Emerald Vein
Emerald Vein was originally formed as a recording project of Robert Young's in 1987. Young recorded two albums that were released on Sub Rosa Records of Belgium. Occasionally Emerald Vein would also perform live. Young confirmed that he was signed to Blonde Vinyl before it folded, but no details of the planned release have been revealed. Young also has a church in Stroudsburg, PA called the Alabaster Box Worship & Arts Center: "If you love creativity and bored with church come out to the box and get blasted on Jesus! We are bringing art, creativity and spontaneous music to the forefront of 'Church' our mission statement is simple: Rest, wait, soak, pray, get wrecked by His love and worship the King of Glory!". Several songs from both early releases were remixed and collected onto one CD that was released in 1998 and is still available through most digital outlets.
  Love Life

Pre-Blonde Vinyl Career
album cover  
Sub Rosa (1988)
Produced by Robert Young

Robert Young - Instruments, Vocals, song writer
Terence Donahue - Drums (tracks 4 and 7)
Tiziano Vecellio - Cover Painting

01) Worship 3:35 Young
02) Existence 3:15 Young
03) Completely Nothing 4:10 Young
04) The Messiah 4:50 Young
05) Promise 4:30 Young
06) Out Of My Head 5:20 Young
07) Take Hold 3:35 Young
08) In His World 4:10 Young

album cover  
Land Of The Living
Sub Rosa (1991)
Produced by Robert Young

Robert Young - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals, Song Writer
Terence Donahue - Drums (tracks 3, 6, and 7)
Randall Barnwell - Bass (tracks 3, and 6)
Chas Mc Cann - Trumpet (track 9)
Colleen Nichole Jacobucci - Vocals (track 2)
Mimi Thiel - Vocals

01) Land Of The Living 4:17 Young
02) The Difference 3:20 Young
03) The Living End 3:12 Young
04) Memory Inside My Head 3:24 Young
05) Breath 3:10 Young
06) Father Of Lies 3:35 Young
07) Light 2:55 Young
08) My Maker 5:10 Young
09) Bury This Void 4:50 Young
10) Colors 3:25 Young

Blonde Vinyl Releases
No Blonde Vinyl recordings.

Post-Blonde Vinyl Career
album cover  
Existence (remaster CD)
Alabaster Box Worship & Arts / Nimbit (1998)
Produced by Robert Young

01) Land of the Living 4:22 Young
02) The Difference 3:22 Young
03) Existence 3:09 Young
04) Messiah 4:46 Young
05) Bury This Void 4:49 Young
06) My Maker 5:12 Young
07) Father of Lies 9:01 Young
08) Never Leave Me 4:30 Young
09) Take Hold 3:25 Young
10) Memory Inside My Head 3:26 Young
11) The Living End 3:17 Young
12) Light 3:03 Young
13) Worship 3:40 Young
14) Alpha Omega 7:36 Young
15) Colors 3:30 Young

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