Idle Lovell
Idle Lovell is where Blonde Vinyl all began. Michael Knott probably had no intentions of creating a record company when this album was recorded, but who knows? Idle Lovell was the first Christian Gothic release, a good 6 years before any others. The music is dark and moody, although somewhat "lighter" versions of some of the songs were re-recorded for other Knott-related projects.
  Idle Lovell

Pre-Blonde Vinyl Career
See Michael Knott page for more details.

Blonde Vinyl Releases
album cover  
Surge Et Illuminare
Produced by Thom Roy

Michael Knott - vocal, guitar
Jim Richards - keyboards
Vince Pangrazio - bass
Bradford J. Salamon - drums

01) Touch Me in the Wind 5:06 Knott
02) Shallow 4:01 Knott
03) I Can't Wait 4:02 Knott
04) Only 4:08 Knott
05) One-Sided Love Affair 3:56 Knott, Pangrazio
06) Drone 5:26 Knott

Other Information:
This was the first release to bear the Blonde Vinyl label logo. It was really a custom made independent release, with no release number. Only issued on vinyl. Some of these songs were re-recorded on other Michael Knott projects. See the main discography's Idle Lovell page for more information and artwork.

Post-Blonde Vinyl Career
See Michael Knott page for more details.

Comments about Idle Lovell
As the drummer and artist for the back cover It's great to see this site thanks!

Comment posted by Bradford Salamon on Wednesday, June 02, 2010 at 12:20 PM
Hey Brad! What's up? Just looked this up as I heard other silly 80's SoCal stuff. Peace sexy.

Comment posted by Zsale (Gina) on Sunday, January 30, 2011 at 08:49 PM
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