Love Assembly
Love Assembly was a synth-pop comparable to Depeche Mode and Cause & Effect. According to one source, they were in negotiation with Blonde Vinyl before the label fizzed out. The Industrial Revolution also mentions a possible cassette single with "You" and "All the Pain."

Pre-Blonde Vinyl Career
album cover  
Urgency of Now
Independent (1992)

Collin Rowland
Sven Menninger

01) Intro 1:50
02) Learn to Feel 4:29
03) Sense of Urgency 5:01
04) You 3:07
05) Onward 3:56
06) The World 4:36
07) Inside 4:18
08) All the Pain 4:16
09) Your World Again 3:59

Blonde Vinyl Compilation Appearances
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