Love Life
Love Life was a pop-metal band along the lines of Bon Jovi, with a slightly more blues-influenced sound. They seem to stick out on a label that is mostly known for more alternative music, but it should be noted that Blonde Vinyl tried to be a diverse label, and not just an alternative label. When seem from that angle, bands like Love Life and Sass O'Frass Tunic fit in just fine. After Blonde Vinyl folded, they changed name to Fear Not and released one album on Pakaderm Records in 1993 with a different guitarist

Love Life started off as a band called Reaction, with Darin Eby, Larry Worley, Gary Hansen, and Mike Link (of Mad at the World fame). Darin Eby and Mike Link started Reaction in October 1987. Gary Hansen answered an ad in Recycler magazine for a drummer. They interviewed several vocalists, but none worked until Larry Worley called Mike Link (because he had auditioned for another band he was in the year before). Reaction wrote and recorded several songs and performed two shows (see image to the right) before Link quit the band around June 1989. The band carried on, recruiting Rob Romero, and changed their name to Love Life.
  Love Life


Blonde Vinyl Releases
album cover  
Goodbye Lady Jane
BVCD3302 (1991)
Produced by Christopher Colbert and Larry Worley

Larry Worley - vocals, guitars
Darin Eby - guitar
Rod Romero - bass, bgv's
Gary Hanson - drums, bgv's

01) Real Love 2:52 Worley / Eby
02) Do You Love Me 3:37 Worley / M. Rapheal
03) Hearts On Fire 4:05 Worley
04) When Lonliness Comes Knockin' 4:27 Worley / Eby
05) Girl Gone Bad 3:32 Worley
06) Fill 'Er Up 0:13
07) Goodbye Lady Jane 3:48 Worley
08) In Blue Again 5:01 Worley
09) 1000 Reasons 4:56 Worley / M. Rapheal
10) A Hard Days Night 2:33 John Lennon / Paul McCartney
11) Do You Believe in Love 3:22 Worley

Other Information:
Additional BGVs by Larry Worley and Brian Davis
Executive Producer - Michael G. Knott

Blonde Vinyl Compilation Appearances
Post-Blonde Vinyl Career
Changed name to Fear Not and released one album on Pakaderm Records in 1993 with a different guitarist.

Larry Worley sang lead vocals on Robert Sweet's (of Stryper fame) solo album Love Trash.

Fear Not
album cover  
Fear Not
Word / Pakaderm Records (1993)
Produced by Dino Elefante and John Elefante

Larry Worley - vocals, guitars
Chris Howell - guitar
Rod Romero - bass, bgv's
Gary Hanson - drums, bgv's

E.L. Neely - additional bass
Jeff Gunn and Dino Elefante - background vocals

01) Give It Up 3:38 Worley / Wohler
02) We Have A God 3:13 Worley / Howell / D. Elephante
03) Mr. Compromise 4:29 Worley
04) Till The End Of My Days 4:35 Worley / Karl Ney
05) Suicide Sunshine 5:47 Worley
06) Money Money 4:02 Worley / D. Elephante
07) Easy Come Easy Go 4:35 Worley
08) There Is Love 3:51 Worley / M. Rapheal / Ney
09) Mad World 4:05 Worley / Ney / Hanson
10) Take Hold 4:42 Worley / J. Elephante / B. Worley

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