MC White-E
MC White-E was an electro-industrial/hip-hop side project of Deitiphobia frontman Wally Shaw. The only known recordings from MC White-E included the song "Bad And Getting Worse" from the SLAVA compilation and rap vocals on remixes of a couple early Deitiphobia songs.

According to the Industrial Revoultion in Fall 1991: "His white hair that stands eight inches above his head, his black leather jacket with enough spikes and studs to choke a small domesticated pigmy llama, his ubiquitous black shirt with the large white "E" on it, and his post-modern style of hip-hop is a cool package to behold. Don't miss his debut Big Ja from Slava. White E (who says his name is derived from the color of his soul not his skin) says he is trying to enlist the talents of DJ Tech T (who is on the demo) and the funk/punk band from Dallas, Sanctified Noise. A weird guy to say the least."

Blonde Vinyl Compilation Appearance
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