Starflyer 2000
The Story of Starflyer 59 says that Jason Martin was recording some songs in 1993 for a release on Siren records that never happened. At this time, Rainbow Rider's album called Jason's band "Starflyer 2000."

This is what J. Edward Keyes had to say in his Story of Starflyer 59: "Jason had been recording material at home with the intention of releasing it on Knott's next label venture, Siren Records (which, when all was said and done, ended up having the life span of a sea monkey). His plans altered significantly when he met Brandon Ebel at a California music festival. Fortuitously, Jason had a copy of his demo with him at the time, and gave it to Ebel, who was himself wrapping up a four-year stint as a DJ at Oregon State."

Starflyer 2000 eventually changed their name to Starfyler 59, and have so far enjoyed a long recording career. The full discography can be found here:

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