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Blonde Vinyl Teaser I
BVCD007 (1991)

01) Windy Lyre Illumination 3:51
02) L.S.U. Miracle 4:55
03) Black & White World Committed 3:50
04) Lifesavers I Don't Know (Sister, Sister) 3:02
05) Fluffy Re-Reactionary 2:52
06) Dance House Children Blue Bonnet 3:37

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Blonde Vinyl Teaser II / Food for Thought
BVCD0072 (1991)

Cover art: "Doggie Finds Fish" by Christopher Colbert

01) Love Life Do You Love Me? 3:37
02) Sincerely Paul Shame Last Sunday 4:17
03) Lust Control Swimsuit Edition Wallpaper 3:35
04) L.S.U. Not A Cuss Word 4:05
05) Lifesavers Surf With God 4:00
06) Windy Lyre Paralyzed 3:58
07) Black And White World Ocean 4:22
08) Fluffy Excommunicated 1:29
09) Dance House Children A Windswept Place 4:05
10) Breakfast With Amy Me 3:41
11) Dead Artist Syndrome Dancing Without Touching 3:22
12) Acoustic Shack If I Could 4:07
13) Deitiphobia Architekt = X 3:51

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SLAVA Compilation - Voice of the People
BVCD3442 (1992)

01) X-Propagation Flower 3:26
02) Wigtop Higher 3:44
03) Prodigal Sons The Kraken 3:49
04) Exegesis A Question For You 4:46
05) Dance House Children Old And True 3:45
06) Love Assembly All The Pain 4:17
07) Toxic Church Pharmakeia 4:40
08) Eternal Youth League Can It Really Be? 4:51
09) The Echoing Green Deep Inside Your Heart 4:45
10) Icon Tack Take The Sin 4:17
11) The November Commandment Saints 3:13
12) MC White-E Bad And Getting Worse 3:09
13) ModEx The Woodchuck Song 5:23
14) globalWAVEsystem Commitment 6:14
15) Deitiphobia Fluid 3:41

Other Information:
Voice of the People is an experimental compilation consisting of 15 songs from 15 SLAVA artists. Most were taken from demos and were digitally mastered for the highest level of quality possible. This process may expose the limitations of the source tapes.

Re-released as a downloadable CD in 2000 through The Dance House Children and Toxic Church tracks were left off because they were deemed "unrereleasable."

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SLAVA Compilation - Voice of the People 2
Unreleased (1993)

Bands that were slated to be on this compilation: Other Information:
This album was announced in the Spring of 1993, but never saw the light of day.

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Radioactive Hits: The Definitive Blonde Vinyl Collection
Broken Records 84418-885-1 (1993)

Cover picture by Michael Knott

01) L.S. Underground Wino of the Red Is Stained 3:50
02) Michael Knott Hang Me High (critics choice) 3:16
03) Breakfast with Amy Ad America 3:58
04) Dance House Children Sea Breeze 3:25
05) L.S.U. Miracle 4:51
06) Fluffy Excommunicated 1:30
07) Lifesavers It's a Crazy Thing 4:44
08) Windy Lyre Ave (critics choice) 3:50
09) Black & White World Ruby Goes to Heaven 3:49
10) Deitiphobia Red Society 5:06
11) Acoustic Shack It's Good to Know 3:52
12) L.S.U. The Bomb 3:59
13) Deitiphobia Crucifixion of Will 3:29
14) L.S. Underground Beg and Kick (new single) 4:27

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i miss this record label!! there really isnt any good christian bands anymore.

Comment posted by david on Sunday, January 30, 2011 at 08:49 PM
I was wondering if it was possible that idle lovell ever had any of their music on cd or available for download. I saw their show at the golden bear years ago

Comment posted by Damon Hershey on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 06:23 PM
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