Windy Lyre
Windy Lyre was the wife of Michael Knott at the time that her one Blonde Vinyl album was recorded. After 17 years she finally released her follow-up album. However, since then there has been no news of any more new music. Michael helped co-write most of the songs on both albums. Her music is alternative pop, along the lines of 10,000 Manics or Sixpence None the Richer.
  Windy Lyre

Blonde Vinyl Releases
album cover  
Windy Lyre
BVCD3222 (1991)
Produced by Michael Knott

Windy Lyre - vocals
Michael Knott - guitar, bass, drum programming
Robert Mayer - additional bass, Roland R5 drum tech
Mike Misiuk - Roland R5 program to tape tech

01) Illumination 4:11 Knott, Lyre
02) Field Of Flowers 3:57 Knott, Lyre
03) You're Beautiful 3:50 Knott, Lyre
04) Ave 3:54 Knott, Lyre
05) Paralyzed 4:00 Knott, Lyre
06) Blue 4:52 Knott, Lyre
07) Day I Die 3:40 Knott, Lyre
08) Drink 3:06 Knott, Lyre

Blonde Vinyl Compilation Appearances
Windy Lyre Video: Illumination

Post-Blonde Vinyl Career
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Windy Lyre
Overflow (2008)
Produced by Michael Knott and Rick McDonough

Windy Lyre - vocals
Michael Knott - guitar, bass, drums, keyboards
Rick McDonough - Electric guitar, bass, lap steel, keyboards, drums
Art by Stormie

01) Overflow 2:47 Lyre, Knott
02) Rescue 3:47 Lyre, Knott
03) More Than Ever 3:49 Lyre, Knott
04) Beautiful 4:06 Lyre, Knott
05) Crumbs 3:34 Lyre, Knott
06) Dance Over Me 4:46 Lyre, Knott
07) Hollow 3:28 Lyre, Knott
08) Let Me Love You 4:36 Lyre, Knott
09) Love is the Thing 3:57 Lyre, Knott
10) Beloved 3:03 Lyre, Knott
11) Wrap You in Heaven 4:28 Lyre, Knott

Comments about Windy Lyre
Beautifully-voiced musical introspection

Comment posted by J.Burk on Wednesday, January 16, 2008 at 09:03 PM
Windy is back and making music - new album out now.

Comment posted by Matt on Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 01:43 PM
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