Michael Knott Discography   |   Covers and Tributes

Year Band Album Name Record Company
1988 Mark Krischak & Friends Volume I ("Watch Nowhere") Heath Dog Violet Records
1993 Unknown Soldier Sign of Life ("Shaded Pain") Independent
1995 The Connie Dungs Songs For Swinging Lovers ("Kitty") Independent
1995 Cricket Joe Christmas Playing on the Stereo ("Jet Plane") Independent
1995 Cricket One Side Has Covers, The Other Side Doesn’t ("Skinny Skins") Independent
1995 Cricket Brown Cow ("Jet Plane" and "Skinny Skins") Independent
1996 xtra Fluffy Fluffy vs. Phantasmic ("Guitars, Guns & Girls") Flying Tart Records
1997 Five O'Clock People Blame Taker ("Blame") Independent
1998 The Connie Dungs Songs For Swinging Nice Guys (CD re-issue) ("Kitty") Mutant Pop Records
1998 globalWAVEsystem Dead = Live ("The Bomb") Independent
1999 Five O'Clock People The Nothing Venture ("Blame") Pamplin
2000 Kevin Clay Jesusville U.S.A. - City of God ("Rock Stars on H") Reborn Records
2000 Michael Knott HM Magazine Sampler (cover image of Knott) Independent
2001 Cush ep (dedicated to / written about Mike) Northern Records
2001 Five O'Clock People In The Bleak Midwinter ("Blame") Independent
2003 Glorious Dregs web download ("Call on You" & "Denial") None
2004 Steev Baker Intricate Remedy ("Hello Hospital" written for Mike) Independent
2004 Johnny Reliable Enough is Enough ("When She's Gone") Independent
2005 The Inkwell Collective Falling Signs ("Hello Hospital" written for Mike) Independent
2006 Shisho Rainbow Jumpin' Demo ep ("Daddy's Womp") Independent
2007 Nu Standards MySpace stream ("Am I Winning Something" & "When She's Gone") None
2009 Branden Mann and The Reprimand Get Down To Business ("Double") Independent
2010 Jon E. Rector MySpace stream ("When She's Gone") None
2012 Deni Gauthier i (am) hope ("I Need You" contains lyrics from "This Is The Healing") Independent
2012 Moron All Quiet on the Best Western Front ("Not a Cuss Word") Independent
2012 Leper An Audience of No One ("Wakin' up the Dead") Independent
2012 Keith Kitchen Restless ("Grace") Independent
2015 Various Artists Down The Line Basement Tapes: A Tribute To Michael Knott Volume 1 Independent
2015 Various Artists Shine A Light: A Tribute To Michael Knott Volume 2 Independent
2017 Ryan Kennedy Beer O’Clock Live Sessions @ Flavour Volume 5 ("Double") Independent
2017 Dodavahu Dig in’ the Archives ("Ocean Blue") Independent
2017 Deni Gauthier Full Circle ("I Need You" contains lyrics from "This Is The Healing") Independent

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