Michael Knott Discography   |   Guest Apperances

Year Band Album Name Record Company
1982 Worship Songs of the Vineyard All The Earth Shall Worship (background vocals) Mercy Records
1982 Worship Songs of the Vineyard He's Worthy To Be Praised (vocals) Mercy Records
1983 The Lifters The Lifters (wrote 1 song) Ministry Resource Center
1983 Passion to Pass Dirty Tricks / I Ask You Ask 7-inch Blond Vinyl
1986 Wild Blue Yonder Wild Blue Yonder (co-wrote 1 song) Frontline
1986 Daniel Amos The Revelation (background vocals) Frontline
1988 Mark Krischak & Friends Volume I (Lifesavors bootlegs) Heath Dog Violet Records
1988 Ojo Relative (vocals for 2 songs) Broken Records
1988 Various Artists Broken Christmas (cover painting) Broken Records
1990 dr. Edward Daniel Taylor The Miracle Faith Telethon (background vocals) Alarma Records
1990 Various Artists ACM Compilation # 1 (two songs) ACM
1990 Dead Artist Syndrome Prints of Darkness (appearance on 2 songs) Independent
1991 Dance House Children Songs & Stories (cover art) Blonde Vinyl Records
1991 Shelley Rogers Dreaming Awake (appears on some songs) Blonde Vinyl Records
1991 Various Artists At the Foot of the Cross Volume 1 (vocals - 1 song) Glasshouse Records
1992 Plague of Ethyls Plague of Ethyls (vocals on songs) Blonde Vinyl / Voice of Youth
1992 Fluffy Go, Fluffy, Go! (wrote some songs) Blonde Vinyl / Voice of Youth
1992 Brian Healy / D.A.S. Devils, Angels, & Saints (appears on 1 or 2 songs) Eden Records
1992 Mozart Gypsies Demos Independent
1993 Wish for Eden Pet the Fish (executive producer) Tooth & Nail Records
1993 L.S. Underground Radioactive Hits (1 new song) Broken Records
1993 Michael Knott / LSU Brow Beat (2 songs) Alarma Records
1993 The Throes Fall on Your World (vocals - 1 song) Glasshouse Records
1994 Deitiphobia Clean (appears on 2 songs) Myx Records
1995 L.S.U. Live Long and Perspire (1 unreleased song) Flying Tart Records
1995 Various Artists Summer 95 Sampler (cover stamp artwork) Gray Dot Records
1996 Kevin Clay Watch Me Fall (producer) Alarma Records
1996 Penny Dreadfuls Penny Dreadfuls (mixing on 1 song) Restless Records
1996 Starflyer 59 Americana Demos (producer) Rondor Music
1996 Michael Moret Miami Freestyle (1 song) Vision Records
1996 Michael Moret Miami Beatz (1 song) OS Music
1997 Quayle Quayle (Producer) Sublime
1997 Ruby Joe Sinking the Eight Ball (producer and player) Sublime
1997 Every Day Life American Standard (producer) Alarma Records
1997 Various Artists Live at the Strand (1 live song) Bulletproof Music
1997 Vivid Demo (unknown) Independent
1998 Suncatcher The Girl That God Forgot (mixing - 1 song) Restless Records
1998 Starflyer 59 Fashion Focus (vocals - 1 song) Tooth & Nail Records
1998 Steve Hindalong Skinny (vocals - 1 song) Cadence
1998 Rich Young Ruler Rich Young Ruler (co-wrote 1 song) Benson Records
1998 Various Artists RIM v. beta (1 song) Bigwig Enterprises
1999 Psalters Prayers to Be (wrote 1 song) Burnt Toast Vinyl
1999 Fraidy Cats Hoopie Rides Again (produced) Bulletproof
2000 Various Artists ...the least of these... (2 live songs) Rebel Base Records
2000 Adam Again Tribute Show Live at Cornerstone 2000 Vol. I (vocals on 5 songs) M8
2000 The Choir Flap Your Wings (cover painting) M8
2000 Value Pac Incognito (guitars on 1 song) Four Door Entertainment
2000 Starflyer 59 Easy Come, Easy Go (produced 2 songs) Tooth & Nail Records
2001 Lost Dogs Real Men Cry (vocals - 1 song) BEC Recordings
2001 L.S.U. / Michael Knott Gene Eugene Tribute Recording (2 songs) Northern Records
2001 Michael Knott HM Magazine Sampler (1 new song) Independent
2001 Michael Moret Freestyle Meets 2-Step (1 remix) Soundland Productions
2002 Cush Spirituals One ep (vocals - 1 song) Northern Records
2002 Charity Empressa The Skin of Whippets (artwork) Velvet Blue Music
2002 Holiday Runner Holiday Runner (vocal samples) Independent
2003 Various Artists Come as a Child or Not at All (1 new song) Andy's Angel Records
2004 Cush Live and Rare (vocals on some songs) Northern
2004 Squad Five-O Late Breaking News (back-up vocals on one song) Capitol Records
2008 Terry Scott Taylor Random Acts & Hodgepodge (songwriting) Independent CD-R
2009 Hidden From Blackout Breakups and Fur Coats (co-production and co-mixing) Hill deg Maria Records
2010 Paravell Galactic ep (co-mixing) Independent
2013 Mike Indest Let's Have Church (cover painting) Independent
2013 Mike Indest Shine Down (cover painting) Independent
2014 Various Artists Remembering Gene Eugene (interview) Brainstorm Artists Interational
2014 Eymard Light (vocals and keyboards) Independent
2014 Various Artists Basement Tapes Compilation (cover painting) Independent
2015 Dead Artist Syndrome Kissing Strangers (acoustic & electric guitars) Independent
2016 Cast the Dragon 2015 Demo (cover painting) Young Earth Records
1991 Dead Artist Syndrome Prints of Darkness (appearance on 2 songs) Blonde Vinyl Records
1995 Wild Blue Yonder Wild Blue Yonder (co-wrote 1 song) (new cover) Metro One
2000 Adam Again Live at Cornerstone 2000 - a tribute to Gene Eugene (re-issue of M8 album with bonus material) Galaxy 21 Music
2000 Daniel Amos The Revelation (background vocals) M8
2003 Dead Artist Syndrome Prints of Darkness (13th Anniversary Edition) Independent
2011 Kevin Clay Watch Me Fall (producer) Independent

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