Michael Knott Discography   |   Unreleased and Upcoming Releases

Year Band Album Name Record Company
  Upcoming Releases:    
2018 Michael Knott Michael Knott – All Indie EP 2 Independent
2018 David Di Sabatino Michael Knott Documentary Independent
2018 Sean Patrick Doty (untitled solo album) Independent
2018 Michael Knott Rocket and a Bomb (vinyl) Retroactive Records
2018 Michael Knott Pennies for Stormie Lane Marathon
2018 Michael Knott Losing Angel Independent
2018 Michael Knott Even Star Independent
???? The Rovers Three Go Irish Again Independent
???? Struck Last May [untitled so far] Hill deg Maria Records
???? Michael Knott DVD Collection Eden Z Films
???? Michael Knott Schizophernia DVD Re-issue Eden Z Films
MIA Strung Gurus Strung Gurus ?
MIA King Holiday (no albums) Elecktra Records
MIA Charity Empressa Charity Empressa Absalom Recordings
MIA The Lifesavors Anthology Volume 1 M8
MIA The Lifesavors Anthology Volume 2 M8
MIA Aunt Bettys The Collection Marathon
MIA L.S.U. Acoustic Fan Favorites Independent
MIA Michael Knott Things Jenison Found in a Closet Marathon
MIA Bomb Bay Babies Volume 2 Marathon
MIA Michael Knott Tour Documentary ?

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