Michael Knott Discography   |   Videos and Soundtracks

Year Artist Video Company
1998 Michael Knott Tooth & Nail Television Vol. 5 ("Tattoo" video) Tooth & Nail
2000 Michael Knott Tooth & Nail Videography DVD ("Tattoo" video) Tooth & Nail
2000 Michael Knott Schizophrenia video Independent
2001 Michael Knott Life of David Electronic Press Kit Metro One
2004 Cornerstone Festival Twenty Years & Counting (live clip) Gyroscope Arts
2007 Daniel Amos Instruction Though Film (cameo appearance) Independent
2010 Five O'Clock People Live @ GFU 2/8/2008 (live covers) Independent
2014 Tooth & Nail Records No New Kinda Story (some stories about Knott) Tooth & Nail Records
Year Movie / Television Shaw Name Songs Company
1997 Sworn to Justice Bomb Bay Babies song B Just Productions, Inc.
1998 Boogie Boy Songs from "Strip Cycle" and "Aunt Bettys" Lion's Gate
1998 Shadow Builder Song from "Strip Cycle" Apple Creek Productions
1999 The Deep End of the Ocean Bomb Bay Babies song Columbia Pictures Corporation
1999 Days of Our Lives (soap opera) Bomb Bay Babies song Corday Productions
1999 ESPN Commercials Bomb Bay Babies songs ESPN
1999 J.A.G. (television series) Bomb Bay Babies song Belisarius Productions
2004 Lane Transit District Commercial Cush song Eden Z Films
2007 The House of Spiritual Solo & L.S.U. songs Chameleon Stripe Ministries

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