About This Site

What Does “Knott Heads on H” Mean?

Michael Knott has done a few things in his life that have caused some controversy. Some is understandable, some is just weird. On his 1995 release Strip Cycle, a song that would go on to be a fan favorite caused quite a stir in the Christian music realm (where it was released). The song was “Rock Stars on H” and the line was “rich, spoiled druggies on horse.” Horse is slang for Heroin, and the entire song is a rant against the pathetic depths some stars sink to in the quest to be rich and famous. When sung fast, the line sometimes sounds like “rich, spoiled druggies on whores.” Probably also a true statement, but a little too much for some ultra-conservative mindsets. Michael Knott would mock the whole controversy in concert when playing the song by stopping the whole song and saying something like “as in gettie-up horsey – neighhhhh” before continuing.

The History of This Site

I probably would have never started this if I knew how deep the rabbit hole goes 🙂 Back in 2000, I started learning some things about web design. I decided that I should make some site for practice, so I thought I would start a fan site. I looked around and it seemed like most bands and musicians that I liked – such as The 77s, The Choir, U2, Daniel Amos, etc – already had an extremely detailed fan site or two. Everyone, that is, except for Michael Knott. Sure, there were a few fan sites up – but nothing with a complete list of everything. So, I decided to start one.

And that turned out to be a huge undertaking. Every month I find something new to add. And that is how this site grew to be what it is today – just adding bits and pieces here every month.

About Me

Some people have emailed and asked me to put up some info about myself. I really am just a fan. I have never met Michael Knott, nor do I even know how to contact him. I have seen him in concert 3 times (solo show in Dallas, TX in about 1994; solo show at Cornerstone 2000; and the Cush concert at Cstone the same year), but never have had a chance to meet him. Maybe someday.

I do some web design on the side, but I mainly work in education. I help professors get classes online. I used to write some articles from time to time for a small local magazine in Texas once, and currently help out with the random cover art for some releases, or behind the scenes with some Kickstarters or occasional label releases. Oh, and I write articles and reviews for some underground magazine that has something to do with lines. I know a little bit about the behind-the-scenes stuff in the music industry, but I am no where near being an insider.