Alternative Worship: Prayers, Petitions, and Praise

Michael’s first, and so far only, worship album. He worked with Terry Taylor and Gene Eugene on this album, and they all share vocals on different songs. Also features most of the Aunt Bettys on various instruments.
According to Knott, the song “Lamb of God” was “written by my Brother in Law, Robert Hammond, and sung by Him. Why it states that three others wrote this proves how messed up the music business is, I told them He wrote its melody and sang it.”

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Alternative Worship
Prayers, Petitions, and Praise (1994 Alarma Records)
Produced by: Michael Knott

Michael Knott – Vocals, guitars
Gene Eugene – Vocals, piano
Terry Taylor – Vocals
David Raven – Drums, percussion
Brian Doidge – Bass
Andrew Carter – Guitar
Robert Hammond – Acoustic guitar, vocals

01) On My Feet Again Knott
02) Window Knott
03) River of Love Knott
04) Simple Man Knott
05) Everything for Stormie Knott
06) Shine Knott
07) Call On You Knott
08) Never Forsaken Knott
09) Lamb of God Hammond
10) Holy, Holy, Holy Knott
11) Within Knott


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  1. Joshua Lory on October 11, 2010 at 08:45 pm said:

    A hidden gem in the Knott collection. Amazing album that flew under the radar during the peak of his output of albums. I’ve more rediscovered this album, had it on cassette, just got it on iTunes!

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