Lifesavers | Huntington Beach

The last Lifesavers album before an extended break. Also the heaviest (almost punk-ish) album with less spiritual but incredibly funny lyrics. Michael also included the first songs he recorded with a band called The Hightops as bonus tracks at the end.

Lifesavers - Huntington Beach (cover) Lifesavers - Huntington Beach (tray)

Label: Brainstorm Artists Internationale
Format: CD, Cassette
Released: 1995
Genre: Punk Rock
Producer: The Lifesavers
Michael Knott: Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Brian Doidge: Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Chuck Cummings: Drums
01) When She’s Gone 3:20 Knott  
02) Disappointed 2:30 Doidge  
03) Huntington Beach Police 2:20 Knott  
04) Mrs. King 2:54 Doidge  
05) Rent a Cop 1:52 Knott  
06) Out 2:20 Doidge  
07) Big Kimono 2:10 Knott  
08) Sick 2:12 Doidge  
09) Daddy’s Womp 1:27 Knott  
10) The Day Elevis Died 2:22 Knott  
11) Should Have Known 2:32 Doidge  
12) Joey Ramone 3:43 Knott  
13) Who is She (bonus track) 2:16 unknown See also the Hightops page
14) Get Outta My Life (bonus track) 2:11 unknown See also the Hightops page
15) Susie’s Got Eyes For You (bonus track) 2:45 unknown See also the Hightops page

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