Shine A Light: A Tribute To Michael Knott Vol. 2

The second of a two volume set paying tribute to Michael Knott. This volume focuses more on the bigger name artists recording at professional studios.

Shine A Light: A Tribute To Michael Knott Vol. 2

Source: BandCamp
Format: Digital Files
Released: 2015
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Joshua Lory
Compiled: Joshua Lory and Steve Ruff
Mastered: Deni Gauthier
Artwork: Deni Gauthier
01) Glower English Interpeter Of English 4:03
02) Black and White World Tattoo 3:49
03) The Electrics All Fall Down 4:51
04) The Bloody Strummers Blame 3:45
05) The B-Attitudes Never Forsaken 3:11
06) Barefoot Journeymen Christ Saves 3:01
07) David the Good Rock And Roll 4:12
08) Destroy Nate Allen Kitty 2:12
09) Jesse Sprinkle John Barrymore Jr. 2:52
10) Deni Gauthier Chameleon 3:55
11) While Rome Is Burning Shoegazer (instrumental) 4:29
12) Leper Miracle 6:19
13) Dead Artist Syndrome Drone 5:53
14) Angus McKinney This Is The Healing 4:43
15) Marcus Larson Jordan River 3:58
16) Sean Doty, Ric Alba, and Gym Nicholson Shaded Pain 4:07
17) Jeff Elbel + Ping English Interpreter Of English/the Grape Prophet Speaks 3:01


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