Blonde Vinyl Memorial

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Blonde Vinyl Memorial
Black Carnation
Black Carnation was a modern rock trio from Grand Rapids, MI that was greatly influenced by post-punk bands like U2, The Fixx, and Morrissey. After releasing an excellent, but mostly unnoticed album on Blonde Vinyl, they pretty much disappeared. At one point most of their Blonde Vinyl album could be downloaded at (site currently down).

  Black Carnation

Pre-Blonde Vinyl Career

album cover  
Children Of The Revolution
Independent (1988)

Jeff Seaver – vocals, guitar, harmonica
Matt Cushman – keyboard
Tim Kelly – drums

Bart Lillie – tambourine on “Sweet Israel”

01) Throw Red Roses 3:17 Seaver
02) Pity 3:02 Seaver
03) Sweet Israel 2:27 Seaver
04) Strawberry Jam 1:59 Seaver
05) Tongues of Fire 2:41 Seaver
06) Black World 2:46 Seaver / Kelli Woods
07) Rushes by the Seashore 1:14 Seaver
08) Cry Cry Lullaby 1:35 Seaver
09) Chasing after the Wind 2:16 Seaver
10) Forever Night 2:36 Seaver
11) Out of Sight – Out of Mind 2:46 Seaver

album cover  
Independent (1990)
Produced by Black Carnation

Jeff Seaver – vox, guitars, trumpet
Kendall Thomas – bass
Phil Melton – drums

Cort Langeland – lead guitar
Dan Kelchack – lead guitar
Rick Devon – drums, backing vocals
Tom Seaver – backing vocals
Dorah Helmus – violin

01) Today I Danced Upon a Fallen Tree 4:56 Seaver
02) Walk By Your Side 4:12 Seaver
03) How Long Must I Run? 4:55 Seaver
04) Touched By the Hand of Love 4:19 Seaver
05) Devil Child 5:04 Seaver
06) One Fine Night In a Day Dream 3:42 Seaver
07) Love Dies Quickly 4:21 Seaver
08) Hope 4:21 Seaver
09) War 5:16 Seaver

Blonde Vinyl Releases

album cover  
it remains the same
BVCD3412 (1992)
Produced by Brad Wildey and Black Carnation

Jeff Seaver – vox, guitars, trumpet
Kendall Thomas – bass
Craig Hoeve – drums

Chris Scapellitti – piano, organ
Rick Devon – vox
Dan Bryska – sax
Bruce Madden – harmonica
Max Colley III – trumpet
Brad Wildey – guitar
Mike Sweeney – congas
Dave Lamse – violin
Denise Flippin – vox
Sharon Alexander, Nicole Erickson, Heather Insley, Monty Arnold, Joni Grooters – choir

01) The Horse Song 3:52 Seaver
02) One Fine Night in a Daydream 3:23 Seaver
03) Black World 2:41 Seaver / Kelli Woods
04) Chasing After the Wind 3:23 Seaver
05) It Remains the Same 4:26 Seaver
06) Love Dies Quickly 3:45 Seaver
07) Legacy 4:28 Seaver
08) Today I Danced upon a Fallen Tree 4:49 Seaver
09) The Wanderer 3:20 Seaver
10) On the Wind 2:59 Seaver

Post-Blonde Vinyl Career

“Their last concert, performed at Taylor University, was shut down midway by university officials because Seaver encouraged the student audience to disregard the conservative Christian school’s no-dancing policy” (from a deleted article)

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