Blonde Vinyl Memorial

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Blonde Vinyl Memorial
Chatterbox was an industrial punk side-band started by Jeff Belew of The Crucified fame. Only one album was officially released.

According to the Industrial Revoultion in Fall 1991: “Blonde Vinyl Records leads the label race to put cyber-punk on the map with acts like DEITIPHOBIA (featured in this issue of True News) and Chatter Box. Jeff Belew, of Crucified fame, will release his solo project for Blonde Vinyl sometime in the near future (the nearer the better, Jeff). I haven’t yet received my copy of Chatter Box, but with all the talk around the Blonde Vinyl office, it promises to be an intense blend of industrial and punk…sort of a recent Ministry edge.”

Five years after Chatterbox released their album, Rotting Audio Sound Recordings released a compilation of early demo recordings. Some of these songs may or may not be the ones mentioned in the Industrial Revolution quote above.


Post-Blonde Vinyl Career

album cover  
Tooth & Nail (1994)
Produced by Scott Albert with Jeff Bellew and Mark Rodriguez

Jeff Bellew – throat, guitars, bass, samples, noise
Garret Morgan – additional guitars, chorus throat
Chris Reid – additional guitars and bass
John Stewart – backing throat
Mark Salomon – additional lead throat and percussion
Pidgeon John – percussion
Scott Albert – additional guitars and backing throat
Jack W. Bellew – narration

01) Torque 4:26 Bellew / Reid
02) Empty 6:09 Bellew
03) Fallen 5:55 Bellew
04) Spine 5:13 Bellew
05) Internal 0:30 Albert / Bellew
06) Soulscum 4:26 Bellew
07) Divide 3:44 Bellew
08) External 3:49 Albert / Bellew
09) Epignosis 5:28 Bellew / Salomon
10) Sunshine / Still 32:08 Jimmy Davis

album cover  
The Nothing Inside You
Rotting Audio Sound Recordings (1999)

Jeff Bellew – vocals, guitars, bass
Chris Reid – guitars, bass, drums
Garrett Morgan – guitars

01) Without God 3:48 Bellew
02) Soulscum 4:19 Bellew
03) Sunshine 8:01 Jimmy Davis
04) The Empty 6:23 Bellew
05) Fallen 6:12 Bellew
06) Numb 7:28 Bellew
07) Torqued 4:00 Bellew / Reid
08) Epignosis 4:42 Bellew / Salomon
09) Stump Puller 3:25 Bellew
10) Thud 4:37 Bellew
11) Theme 9:51 Reid

Liner Notes:
Industrialized punk-metal. Recorded in various places on various machines of varying quality. Drum-machines, fuzz bass, overdriven guitars, pounds of feedback and heavily processed vocals.

This Chatterbox CD is a collection of demos recorded prior to “Despite”. The first 3 tracks were recorded at Mortal’s studio. I got to watch. The next five tracks were recorded by Jeff, Garrett Morgan and myself on my 4-track at Garrett’s house. I think I did some yelling and/or noise here and there. I think these were recorded prior to the Mortal demos, but maybe not. This would’ve been circa 93, so you’ll forgive my poor memory. šŸ™‚ The next two songs are just Jeff and I (he on guitar and me on drums), recorded in the ex-Crucified House. The last credited song is just me, it was something I recorded for Jeff that he decided not to use. There’s also a “hidden song” at the end that was recorded in my garage with Jeff, Christmas of 92.
– Chris Reid 2002

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