Blonde Vinyl Memorial

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Blonde Vinyl Memorial
Wish For Eden
Wish For Eden was a hardcore/grunge band that revolutionized the Christian Music Industry (even though they probably didn’t want that to be known). Their music was compared to bands like Helmet and Tool, with some grunge influences thrown in. Their connect to Blonde Vinyl is uncertain, but it seems like they thought they were signing with Blonde Vinyl, but it ended up being Michael Knott being paid to act as the spokesperson for Tooth & Nail. They released one album before calling it a day. They did announce a reunion in 2010 with new music, but nothing materialized from that other than two songs that were briefly streamed on Facebook.   Wish For Eden

Blonde Vinyl Related

album cover  
Pet the Fish
Tooth & Nail Records (1993)
Produced by Wish for Eden

Rob Walker – vocals, guitar, lyrics
Mike Ballard – bass guitar
Ed Bailey – drums

01) Questions 4:09 Wish for Eden
02) Ocean 3:15 Wish for Eden
03) Don’t Know 3:08 Wish for Eden
04) U Could 2:30 Wish for Eden
05) Green 2:58 Wish for Eden
06) Fly 4:31 Wish for Eden
07) Me 3:37 Wish for Eden
08) Fade 2:44 Wish for Eden
09) Blood 4:22 Wish for Eden
10) Pet The Fish 2:31 Wish for Eden
Other Information:
Executive Producer – Michael Knott

Post-Blonde Vinyl Career

Rob Walker released one solo album, Strobe, on Tooth & Nail Records in 1996. He stated at the time that these were songs that he had written for Wish for Eden after Pet the Fish, but they no longer fit with the band’s goals to break out of the Christian music scene. Therefore, he decided to record them for a solo project in order to document them.

Starting Over / Old Man
Streamed on Facebook (2010)

Rob Walker – Vocals, guitars

01) Starting Over
02) Old Man


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