Date: July 7, 1993
City: St. Louis, Missouri
Venue: Kennedy's, Laclede's Landing

Band Members:

Michael Knott: Vocals, Guitars
Brian Doidge: Guitar
Erick Coomes: Bass
Ed Benrock: Drums


Review by Tom Moellering, copied from

Kennedy's, Laclede's Landing, St. Louis, Missouri Riverfront.

Saw 'my little dog china': interesting alternative threesome. Really got to cooking by their last song. Keep an eye out.

Then the main attraction (for me anyway) LS Underground. Well, 3 guys were up on stage, and they started playing, but no one looks like Michael Knott's pictures. And there doesn't seem to be a vocalist on stage... wait someone just stumbled up there, drink in hand, he's wearing shades, a brown blazer, and... a flower print dress. Yep, its Mike. (my friend accused Mike of being the original 'cross'-dresser ;-) He blamed the dress on getting thrown in a lake at Cornerstone, and 'having nothing left to wear', right.

Brian Doidge was on guitar, sorry I don't remember who was on drums or bass, except that the bassist had really long blond curly hair, even his bangs were really really long.

The playlist, definitely not in order:

From Wakin' up the Dead: From Screamin' Brittle Siren: At least 1 from Shaded Pain. About 3 from The Grape Prophet.

So it was cool, loud (but not too much, which was nice, real nice) and real close. Of course this wasn't that big a place, and rumor has it that they were only paid $100 for playing.

Picked up Grape Prophet for $10 on CD. Cool price for cool music.

They called the tour 'Cash in Chaos', guess that's a reference to the Spectra distribution going away.

Support 'em if they get to around you. I know it was worth the 600 miles ;-) (Ok, so we just happened to be in town on vacation.)

I know I won't forget the sight of Mike Knott dancing in a dress to 'House of Love' anytime soon.