Date: July 5, 2000
City: Bushnell, Illinois
Venue: Cornerstone Festival

Band Members:

Riki Michele: Vocals
Paul Valadez: Bass
Jon Knox: Drums
Greg Lawless: Guitar

Some of the videos from this show were posted on YouTube and can be seen on the Live Videos page.

Set List:

01) Strobe Riki Michele w/ Karin Bergquist
02) Worldwide Derri Daugherty
03) Hide Away Steve Hindalong
04) Deep Mike Roe
05) Dig Mike Roe
06) Stone Mike Roe
07) Don't Cry Sim Wilson
08) Hopeless, etc. Michael Knott
09) It Is What It Is Michael Knott
10) Homeboys Michael Knott
11) Relapse Michael Knott
12) All You Lucky People Michael Knott