Date: May 27, 2007
City: Tacoma, Washington
Venue: Temple Theater

Band Members:

Michael Knott: Vocals, Guitars

5 O'Clock People:
Alex Walker: Guitars
Drew Grow: Guitars
Patrick Tetreault: Guitars
(not totally sure of who played what at this concert)

5 O'Clock People was the first opening act, and Michael joined then on electric guitar for one song: "I'm Fine."

Some of the videos from this show were posted on YouTube and can be seen on the video page.

Set List:

Michael Knott (solo)
01) Cast Me Away
02) This is the Healing
03) Kitty
04) Double
05) I'll Tell Me Ma
06) Never Forsaken
07) Jane
08) It's a Crazy Thing
09) Grace

Michael Knott (w/ 5 O'Clock People)
10) GGG
11) Blame
12) Crash