Blonde Vinyl Records

Blonde Vinyl records started as imprint for two of Michael Knott’s independent releases in 1984 and 1989. Sometime in 1990 or 1991, Michael decided to turn Blonde Vinyl into a full music label. The Christian music industry had started to grow a little stale during this time, so Knott decided to focus on developing bands that were creative and edgy. Blonde Vinyl released albums by bands that played styles of music that weren’t very popular with the pop crowd, from punk to grunge, gothic to industrial, and synthpop to spoken word. In all, 32 albums and 3 compilations were released by Blonde Vinyl Records and/or one of the 3 official sub-labels, all of which were released on cassette and compact disc. There were also at least 15 low-budget music videos created for various bands (see list below). When Blonde Vinyl’s distributor (Spectra) went under in 1993, Michael attempted to resurrect Blonde Vinyl under the name of Siren records. This was a very short-lived attempt. Blonde Vinyl paved the way for the much more successful Tooth & Nail records, who inherited many unreleased Blonde Vinyl bands in 1993.

Band / Artist Name Genre / Style Years Active Other Names
Acoustic Shack acoustic, folk, light alternative 1991-2002 Dear A19
Black and White World alternative, funky, quirky 1989-1992  
Black Carnation modern rock, alternative 1988-1992  
Breakfast With Amy echo, feedback, alternative, psychedelic 1988-1995  
Dance House Children dance, techno, sythpop, house 1990-1993 Morella’s Forest, Love Children
Dead Artist Syndrome gothic, rock 1990-2003 D.A.S., Brian Healy
Deitiphobia industrial, techno 1990-1999 Donderfliegen
Fluffy punk, alternative, psychedelic, modern rock 1991-1996 Duraluxe
Hounds of Heaven gothic, metal 1992  
Idle Lovell gothic, alternative 1983?-1986?  
Michael Knott alternative, heavy, singer-songwriter, folk 1978-present  
L.S.U. alternative, gothic, heavy 1978-present Lifesavers Underground, Lifesavers
Lifesavers punk, surf rock 1981-present The Lifesavors, L.S.U.
Love Life hard rock, hair metal 1991-1992 Fear Not
Lust Control punk rock 1988-1994  
Windy Lyre alternative pop, acoustic 1991, 2008  
N Side Out contemporary worship 1991  
Passion to Pass power pop 1983  
Plague of Ethyls post-punk, garage, grunge 1991, 1995  
Rainbow Rider dance, techno, sythpop, house 1993 Dance House Children
Shelley Rogers adult contemporary pop 1991  
Sass O’Frass Tunic blues, gospel 1992  
Sincerely Paul gothic, alternative 1988-1993  
Steve Scott spoken word, alternative, avante-guard 1980-present  
Tribe of Dan cult greb goth, swamp rock 1991-1998 Dan Donovan
Veil of Ashes alternative, modern rock 1987-1992 Veil
Wigtop techno, industrial 1992  
Writ On Water droning, ambient, college rock 1990-present  
* other bands were signed to Blonde Vinyl, but never released albums. See the music page for more details on these bands.

Blonde Vinyl Sub-Labels

Three sub labels were created to further classify the diverse musical styles that were being released on Blonde Vinyl. They were Voice of the Youth, SLAVA Music, and Blonde Vinyl Inspirational.

Voice of the Youth was created for the edgier alternative releases on Blonde Vinyl. Six albums were released under this imprint: product # bvcd 3482 (love gift) by Breakfast with Amy, Go, Fluffy, Go! by Fluffy, Screaming Brittle Siren by Michael Knott, The Grape Prophet by L.S. Underground, Plague of Ethyls, and As Blue as the State Allows by Sass O’ Frass Tunic.

SLAVA Music existed as an underground industrial music-focused label before joining with Blonde Vinyl for distribution. Three albums were released under this imprint: Digital Priests – the remixes by Deitiphobia, Revelation 1921 by Wigtop, and the SLAVA compilation.

Blonde Vinyl Inspirational was created for praise and worship music. The only release on this imprint was Quiet Assurance by N Side Out.

Blonde Vinyl Videos

Several low-fi but interesting videos were created for a few Blonde Vinyl artists. All videos are owned by Michael Knott and posted here by his permission for use on only.

Blonde Vinyl Propaganda

A collection of various magazine advertisements used by Blonde Vinyl to promote bands through the years.


All of the streaming sources of Blonde Vinyl that can be found online. Some holes in the collection, but almost a complete collection of the label for your listening pleasure.