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Blonde Vinyl Memorial
Dance House Children
Dance House Children was a syth/pop band that broke new ground in the Christian music scene. Their albums used poetic imagery set to a sound that displayed an obvious Pet Shop Boys influence. Occasional songs, like “Sea Breeze,” showcased Jason Martin’s dizzying, psychedelic side.

After Dance House Children disbanded, Ronnie Martin formed a synth-pop band called Rainbow Rider and Jason Martin formed a band called Hester Prynnes which changed to Starflyer 2000 and then Starflyer 59.

  Dance House Children
Dance House Children

Pre-Blonde Vinyl Career

Started out at Morella’s Forest and recorded one album for Narrowpath records that was never released. This was more of a guitar rock album. When Narrowpath fell through, the Martin brothers started a band called “Love Children” and recorded a demo of techno pop songs. Ronnie gave the demo to Michael Knott as he was forming Blonde Vinyl. Michael liked what he heard and wanted re-name the band “Dance House Jesus.” They decided to go with “Dance House Children” and signed to Blonde Vinyl Records.

album cover  
Love Children – The Children’s Symphony
Independent (1989)
Produced by Dance House Children

Ronnie Martin
Jason Martin

01) Silver Streams Early version of “The Gingerbread Meadow”
02) White Horses Early version of “Every Nook & Cranny”

Blonde Vinyl Releases

album cover  
Songs & Stories
BVCD3252 (1991)
Produced by Dance House Children

Ronnie Martin – vocals, keyboards, rhythm programming
Jason Martin – keyboards, guitar

01) A Windswept Place 4:05 Ronnie Martin
02) Grandfather Clock 3:55 Ronnie Martin
03) Darling Valentine 3:53 Ronnie Martin
04) Held By Your Wishes 4:38 Ronnie Martin / Jason Martin
05) Beautiful And Lovely 2:51 Ronnie Martin
06) Blue Bonnet 3:37 Ronnie Martin
07) The Old Oak Tree 4:26 Ronnie Martin
08) Spinning Wheel 3:57 Ronnie Martin
09) The Gingerbread Meadow 2:49 Ronnie Martin / Jason Martin
10) Springtime Blossoms 3:29 Ronnie Martin
11) Galore 2:45 Jason Martin
12) There Will Never Be 4:41 Ronnie Martin

Other Information:
Cover Painting: Michael Knott

album cover  
BVCD3382 (1992)
Produced by Dance House Children

Ronnie Martin – vocals, keyboards, samples, rhythm programming
Jason Martin – keyboards, samples

01) Once Upon Your Lips 4:58 Ronnie Martin
02) The Locket Maker 4:24 Ronnie Martin
03) Old And True 3:45 Ronnie Martin
04) Eve Leaf 3:05 Jason Martin
05) Autumn Comes But Once, Dear 4:19 Ronnie Martin
06) Homespun Is Happy 4:19 Ronnie Martin
07) Simon Sister 3:31 Jason Martin
08) Keepsake Melody 3:54 Ronnie Martin
09) A Lull In The Fairest Maple 4:43 Ronnie Martin
10) Uncle Art 4:02 Jason Martin
11) A Cottage Song 4:40 Ronnie Martin
12) Oleanders (Our Happy Place) 4:02 Ronnie Martin
13) Sea Breeze 3:25 Jason Martin
14) Merry 3:49 Ronnie Martin
15) Wisteria Time 4:47 Ronnie Martin

Blonde Vinyl Compilation Appearances

Dance House Children Videos

Dance House Children – Old Oak Tree
Dance House Children – Sea Breeze

Siren Records Releases

album cover

Rainbow Rider: Beautiful Dazzling Music No. 1
SRCD3592 (1993)
Produced by Ronnie Martin

Ronnie Martin – vocals, synthesizers, rhythm programming, sampler, guitar, bass
Amy Martin – Moog prodigy, other stuff
Tom Danielson – live percussion
Jeff Cloud – live guitar

01) Resurrection Railway 4:26 Ronnie Martin
02) Neverending Life 5:37 Ronnie Martin
03) Rapture Day Bliss 5:42 Ronnie Martin
04) Mountain Boy 4:56 Ronnie Martin
05) Sing It from the Mountain 5:59 Ronnie Martin
06) Majesty 1700 5:45 Ronnie Martin
07) Sweet Sweet Charity 4:54 Ronnie Martin
08) Rainbow Rider Country 5:27 Ronnie Martin
09) We’ll Last So Long (80’s Revival Mix) 4:06 Ronnie Martin
10) Golden Giver 5:10 Ronnie Martin
11) Saturn Swinger 5:56 Ronnie Martin
12) Northaven 4:30 Ronnie Martin

Post-Blonde Vinyl Career

There is some confusion if Rainbow Rider: Beautiful Dazzling Music No. 1 was a release by a new band called “Rainbow Rider” or a third Dance House Children album. It is included here as a third album, but since it was re-issued as a Rainbow Rider album (along with a vinyl single), a separate Rainbow Rider page was created.

Ronnie Martin formed Joy Electric, and Jason Martin formed Starflyer 59.

Jesus was reissued in 1999 by M8 records.

In 2007, Jason and Ronnie teamed up again to form a band called The Brothers Martin. The sound of this band is nothing like Dance House Children, but more of a mix between Joy Electric and Starflyer 59.

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Older comments on “Dance House Children

  1. Shawn on September 15, 2007 am said:

    The Brothers Martin have returned as…. oddly enough, the Brothers Martin! While the new music has no strains of DHC it is a fantastic cross of SF59’s sound with that of Joy Electric.

  2. xxghostboyxx on November 08, 2009 at 04:41 pm said:

    I have the original CDs of Stories and Jesus. But only Rainbow Rider on cassette. Please re-release Rainbow Rider.

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