Blonde Vinyl Memorial

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Blonde Vinyl Memorial
Ethereal Soul
Ethereal Soul was a heavy, funky, alternative band that was signed to Blonde Vinyl, but never got a chance to record. A few labels wanted to sign Ethereal Soul, but they decided to go with Blonde Vinyl because BV offered better contracts than most other labels did at the time. According to Jeremy Walla, they were on their way to record their Blonde Vinyl debut when they got a call from Michael Knott telling them that Blonde Vinyl had gone bankrupt. They continued on as a band, releasing two full length independent albums before calling it a day. Ethereal Soul gained wider attention when Jeremy Walla joined Dig Hay Zoose as a second guitarist on a national tour in 1994.   Ethereal Soul


Pre-Blonde Vinyl Career

Abhor Evil cover  
Abhor Evil Demo (aka “Christian Core”)
Independent (1990)

Jeremy Walla – Guitars, vocals
Jarrod Roark – Guitars
David G. Andersen – Bass
Tyson Brown – Drums

01) Listen and Hear 4:54
02) No Way 2:51
03) Evil 3:45
04) Victory 1:15
05) Fight for Your Life 3:57
06) Candles in the Night 3:17
07) Disco King 1:37


album cover  
Abhor Evil Demo 2
Independent (1990)

Jeremy Walla – Guitars, vocals
Jarrod Roark – Guitars
Brett Haas – Bass
Tyson Brown – Drums

01) Mahaloth 3:52
02) Element of Mind 4:51
03) Nausia 2:53
04) Bass Solo Salute 1:58
05) Love 4:01
06) 6/23/90 2:42
Other Information:
Demo that got them signed to Blonde Vinyl. Ethereal Soul was Abhor Evil originally, and they had a song on an R.E.X. sampler. They had offers from Blonde Vinyl and R.E.X. at the time. Mike Knott was a hero of the band, and Blonde Vinyl had better percentages. Knott hated the band name though, so it was changed to Ethereal Soul. The band was 15 when we had started Abhor Evil and were 17 by then time they signed.

Blonde Vinyl Recordings

No Blonde Vinyl recordings.

Post-Blonde Vinyl Career

album cover  
Sounds Like A Cereal Bowl (a sort of demo thing)
Cereal Bowl Music (1994)
Produced by Jeremy Walla

Tyson Brown – drums
Jeremy Walla – guitars and vocals
Mike Minter – guitar
Brett Haas – bass tracks

01) 6-22-90 4:50 Walla
02) Cloudy Mind of Mine 3:08 Walla
03) Colorless Red 2:00 Walla
04) Full Moon 3:42 Walla / Roark
05) Nausea 1:35 Walla
06) And She Wept For Her Son 7:30 Walla / Roark
07) Hindsight 6:46 Walla
08) Focality 5:03 Walla / Roark
09) Living 4:42 Walla
10) Dry 5:47 Walla
Other Information:
After Blonde Vinyl folded, R.E.X. and Tooth & Nail were still willing to sign Ethereal Soul. They decided to record on their own and play live shows. They even did a small tour with Scaterd Few. After a while, Jeremy Walla joined Dig Hay Zoose.

album cover  
Not Bad For A White Boy
Cereal Bowl Music (1995)
Produced by Jeremy Walla

Jeremy Walla – guitars and vocals
Grady Merritt – bass and BGV
Mike Minter – guitar
Tyson Brown – drums and cattle prod

01) Deified 8:24 Walla
02) V’Gain 1:58 Walla
03) Bury You With a Smile 6:41 Walla
04) Digression 4:26 Walla
05) Hindsight ’95 4:38 Walla
06) There’s No Salvation 9:34 Walla
07) Loving Dedication 5:08 Walla
08) Asinine 5:24 Walla
09) Stars In My Eyes 5:32 Walla
10) Under 4:07 Walla


Other Information:
This demo can be heard at the official Ethereal Soul website.


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