Blonde Vinyl Memorial

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Blonde Vinyl Memorial
Fluffy went through several styles before eventually changing name and members. They started out as a basic L.A. Punk sounding band that was a side project of some ofthe members of Breakfast With Amy. The second album found the band going more alternative and psychedelic even. There was a more obvious Breakfast with Amy influence (although without the goofiness), as well as a heavy L.S.U. influence.

Apparently, the band discovered that there was a “girl group” in the UK that had the rights to the name Fluffy after they released their third album. So they decided to change their name to Duraluxe. The last Fluffy album was re-released as the first Duraluxe CD. Duraluxe went on to release several acclaimed albums in the mainstream market, but it seems that Fluffy has been all but forgotten – except by a few hardcore fans (see the comments below for proof of their undying love).

However, it seems they were not totally forgotten, as Lost in Ohio had Chris Colbert remaster both albums for a 2020 BandCamp release, as well as Go, Fluffy, Go! for a vinyl release.


Pre-Blonde Vinyl Career

Blonde Vinyl Releases

album cover

Fluffy Luvs You (original version)

Fluffy Luvs You
BVCD3262 (1991)
Lost in Ohio (remaster 2020)
Produced by Christopher Colbert

Chrissy (Chris Colbert) – guitar
Nathan (Nathan Pellegrin) – vocals
Blaster – ?
Nathan’s Biological Borther (Paul Pellegrin) – drums
Kevin – ?

01) Jell-o Soul 1:26 Fluffy
02) Life Through Death 0:48 Fluffy
03) Excommunicated 1:30 Fluffy
04) 1.16.91 1:25 Fluffy
05) My Proofrock 2:08 Fluffy
06) Re-reactionary 2:48 Fluffy
07) A Mighty Fortress is Our God 2:25 Fluffy
08) My America 3:14 Fluffy
09) Glory, Glory 2:22 Fluffy
10) My Lord, What A Morning 2:47 Fluffy
11) Art 1:37 Fluffy
12) God Part iii 2:28 Fluffy

Other Information:
Chris Colbert and Paul Pelligrin were also in Breakfast With Amy at this time.

Excecutive (sic) Producer – Michael G. Knott

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album cover  
Go, Fluffy, Go!
BVCD3512 (1992)
Lost in Ohio (remaster 2020)
Produced by Jeffrey Beans

Oxy (“yum tum”) Magillicuddy (Nathan Pellegrin) – esophagus
Gilgamesh Magillicuddy (Paul Pellegrin) – rhythm bed and breakfast
(Jeffrey) Beans – 3 string Rickenbacher distort-o-bass
Chrissy (Chris Colbert) – zesto pesto guitar

Charlotte – organs
Gregor Kemble – rhythm guitar on “Jessie’s Girl”
Mike Koerber – background vocals on “Jessie’s Girl”
Knott – “princess, pretty little princess…”

01) Little Finger Eye 3:09 Fluffy and/or Mike
02) Guitars, Guns, & Girls 4:10 Fluffy and/or Mike
03) Not Easy Being Me 2:54 Fluffy and/or Mike
04) Traci 3:49 Fluffy and/or Mike
05) Hulaville 3:32 Fluffy and/or Mike
06) Amboy Bound 5:33 Fluffy and/or Mike
07) Kiki Wombauk 1:41 Fluffy and/or Mike
08) Jessie’s Girl 3:17 Rick Springfield
09) Princess 6:30 Fluffy and/or Mike
10) Crystal 2:39 Fluffy and/or Mike
11) White Trash 4:30 Fluffy and/or Mike
12) Little Finger Eye, Coda 3:29 Fluffy and/or Mike

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Blonde Vinyl Compilation Appearances

Post-Blonde Vinyl Career

album cover  
Sugar Pistol
Flying Tart Records (1995)
Produced by Fluffy and Steve Hindalong

Jeff Beans – bass
Paul Pellegrin – drums
Nathan Pellegrin – sings
Christopher Colbert – guitar

Steve Hindalong – Percussion, organ, BGVs; vocals and drums on “My Love” & “Chrissy Rides Fluffy”
Jason Martin – Drums on “My Love”
Ronnie Martin – Programs a drum loop on “My Love”
Riki Michelle – Sang on “My Love”
Lorri Perry – Sings on “Dead Horse” & “Wandering Wonderful”
Troy from Hoi Polloi – Guitar on “Moonage Daydream”
Dann Gunn – Sings on “Wayfarin’ Stranger”
Shelly Denison – Talked about desert on “Sugar Pistol”
Derri Daugherty – Bass & a little guitar on “Chrissy Rides Fluffy Now”
Tom Howard – Piano & strings on “Moonage Daydream”

01) Shrimpy Brine 3:34 Fluffy and/or Hindalong
02) Bleach 3:49 Fluffy and/or Hindalong
03) Dead Horse Grin 3:53 Fluffy and/or Hindalong
04) My Love 5:12 Fluffy and/or Hindalong
05) No Friends 2:32 The Adolescents
06) Moonage Daydream 5:52 David Bowie
07) Wandering Wonderful 2:16 Fluffy and/or Hindalong
08) Bakin’ a Cake 2:29 Fluffy and/or Hindalong
09) Wayfarin’ Stranger 4:46 Fluffy and/or Hindalong
10) Chrissy Rides Fluffy 6:55 Fluffy and/or Hindalong
11) Sugar Pistol 4:21 Fluffy and/or Hindalong

album cover

xtra Fluffy
Fluffy vs. Phantasmic (1996 Flying Tart Records)
Produced by Fluffy and Steve Hindalong

Tess Wiley – guitar, vocals
Gabriel Wiley – drums
Jeremy Gomez – bass
J.J Plasencio – bass on “Rainy Day Assembly”
Dale Baker – drums on “Rainy Day Assembly”
Matt Slocum – guitar on “Rainy Day Assembly”

Jeff Beans – bass
Paul Pellegrin – drums
Nathan Pellegrin – sings
Christopher Colbert – guitar
Shelly Denison – Talked about desert on “Sugar Pistol”

xTra Fluffy:
Cap’N Jasper – Singin’ an’ stringin’
Chris Colbert – Some stuff, you know…
Tess Wiley – The real talent
Rhythm Ace – Rhythm ace

01) Skinny Little Line 3:46 Wiley  
02) Out Of My Head 2:39 Wiley  
03) Rainy Day Assembly 3:09 Wiley  
04) Happy Now 7:23 Wiley  
05) Eyes Without A Face 6:42 Billy Idol, Steve Stevens  
06) Shrimpy Brine 3:34 Beans, Pellegrin, Pellegrin, Colbert Originally on Sugar Pistol
07) Bleach 3:49 Beans, Pellegrin, Pellegrin, Colbert Originally on Sugar Pistol
08) Dead Horse Grin 3:53 Beans, Pellegrin, Pellegrin, Colbert Originally on Sugar Pistol
09) Wandering Wonderful 2:16 Beans, Pellegrin, Pellegrin, Colbert Originally on Sugar Pistol
10) Sugar Pistol 4:19 Beans, Pellegrin, Pellegrin, Colbert Originally on Sugar Pistol
X-tra Fluffy:
11) Dura-lux 3:57 Jasper, Wiley, Colbert  
12) Counter Memory 4:44 Alex Parker, Jasper, Wiley, Colbert  
13) Guitars, Guns & Girls 6:27 Knott?, Beans, N. Pellegrin, Colbert Originally on Go, Fluffy, Go
14) Mary Knoll 4:06 Jasper, Wiley, Colbert  
Joe Christmas:
15) Baby Shoes 3:28 Joe Christmas  

Changed name to Duraluxe in 1997 and re-released Sugar Pistol as Rock Music w/ Singing. By 2000, Chris was the only member of Fluffy left in Duraluxe.

Older comments on “Fluffy

  1. Benny on June 05, 2008 at 05:32 pm said:

    Yes, that’s Mike Knott that co-wrote some of the Go Fluffy Go songs. I asked him about why he recorded “Guitars, Guns, and Girls” on his Things to Come/Things I’ve Done. He said it was because he originally wrote it together with Fluffy, and he always liked it.

  2. Cosmic Billvis on August 01, 2010 at 01:05 pm said:

    Go Fluffy Go has a heavy gothic purity that is truly beautiful. I know that the word is now quite overused but this album justifies the use – to listen to Go Fluffy Go is a “surreal” experience. One of my all time favorite albums.

  3. Tess on August 15, 2010 at 08:39 am said:

    Wow, are people really still talking about this? Wunderbar! It was a lot of fun recording the X-tra Fluffy stuff. I miss those guys!

  4. Savita on January 07, 2011 at 09:33 am said:

    Fluffy was solid

  5. Jason on January 30, 2011 at 08:49 pm said:

    Hey I just now caught the connection between Tess Wiley and (Gabe) Gabriel Wiley from Mineral and Pop Unknown.

  6. Bloody on June 27, 2011 at 08:52 am said:

    Fluffy has stood the test of times for my musical exploration. I don’t listen to any other christian music besides. Go Fluffy Go is not gothic…. it is just bloody noisy pop. And I have it to thank for who I am today.

  7. Xian on September 13, 2011 at 10:49 am said:

    I’m not gonna beg to hear the music… but has the issue been addressed that this music should be available? Is there NO way to download Fluffy music anymore? I really would love to hear Fluffy Luvs You again. Don’t get upset… Just wondering… is this gonna happen?

  8. Heether on December 16, 2012 at 09:32 am said:

    I lost my Fluffy tapes… not that I had a cassette player anymore, but I want to listen to Fluffy again please! All I have is “Excommunicated” on my ipod from my old Blonde Vinyl sampler CD.

  9. Eric on December 16, 2012 at 09:32 am said:

    Somebody please make MP3’s of Fluffy Luvs You! There is nothing like it anywhere. The vocals are superb, the drums and guitars sound perfect. I loved this album for years, and only had it on a cassette tape.

  10. Coach Beardo on February 05, 2013 at 08:45 am said:

    Go FLUFFY Go is one of the BEST albums ever recorded. 20 years later I still LOVE it… music nowa days sucks \the bag,,, FLUFFY FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Wilco1293 on July 18, 2013 at 08:31 am said:

    What’s the difference between Sugar Pistol and Rock Music With Singing? Also, is the Shady Mess album available anywhere?

  12. Neil on December 15, 2013 at 08:03 pm said:

    Whoever controls the recordings could, theoretically, re-release them but you have to remember that this music had a tiny, tiny audience when it was new. The only hope of a re-issue, in my opinion, would be something download-only, like through Tunecore, but even then whoever physically controls the masters would need to hire a lawyer to make sure there aren’t royalty or copyright problems.

  13. Cosmic Billvis on May 12, 2015 at 09:14 am said:

    Ok, that does it – there seems to be those who greatly desire the unsurpassed sonic splendor of reflections on faith and power, failing and pall covered emotional distress, longing and loss and transcendent holidays of elated experience in tide-powered feelings of deitific presence – yes, the canon of Fluffy. I must find… somewhere… my recordings and provide them for the masses – as there is no other way. I wished to hear the glory of the power of the beauty of the music tonight but alas, no trace… so I will commit to find and provide for others here. Much respect to the Fluffy and the fluffy few fans.

  14. Carlo on May 18, 2015 at 07:33 pm said:

    I hope and pray for a Kickstarter to get Fluffy Loves You pressed on vinyl! Still one of my favorite albums!

  15. Garrett on February 25, 2016 at 02:48 pm said:

    I would donate to that!!!! Would be such a rad vinyl to have. Can you get it on tape or CD anywhere?

  16. David Arnold on February 25, 2016 at 02:49 pm said:

    I am willing to pay for lyrics to Fluffy Loves You. Have contacted people who knew Chris and they say they don’t exist, but the liner notes say you can write to the band to obtain them.

  17. Knotthead Matt on February 25, 2016 at 02:52 pm said:

    Labels tend to put that bit about writing the band for lyrics, not the band. They often do that when the band takes too long in getting them the lyrics. It’s their way of going “they took too long, so they can mess with it.” Sometimes bands had lyrics to send back, but often they didn’t. So, if people near to Chris says they don’t exist, then they most likely don’t.

  18. Tapehead on April 14, 2017 at 10:51 pm said:

    Fluffy is seriously my fav band ever. Long live Chris Colbert! Genius.

  19. Moll B on April 14, 2017 at 10:51 pm said:

    I read somewhere Paul from BWA is doing jazz, knew him from Fullerton college days, Dave Koval is in a Beatles tribute band in OC called the Truffles, would be cool to see members BWA/Fluffy reunite they always put on a good live show.

7 thoughts on “Fluffy

  1. “Tolerance is alright, if that’s all there is.” Went out and stocked up on Fluffy Luvs You cassettes while I could still find ’em (more than 10 years ago). Still have one that gets played regularly and one unopened still 🙂 The mix is simply perfect and the overall rawness is unparalleled by anything else I’ve ever heard. Simply a rare gem that I’m thankful to have stumbled across in the ’90s. Made sure all my kids grew up with an appreciation for this one!

    • Hey old guy – I’d gladly pay for your time to convert those cassettes to mp3 and make them available. I used to love my fluffy luvs you cassette. I literally wore it out by the late 90s

  2. I just learned that Lost In Ohio records is reissuing the first two Fluffy albums digitally, and “Go, Fluffy, Go” on vinyl. Good times.

  3. I was just pulling up Google Play Music and found that Go, Fluffy, Go is now available digitally. Does this mean it might get a physical re-rrlease now?

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